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The shop menu in Crisis Core.

Shops in Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- are unique in that they do not appear in set towns or locations like most other games in the Final Fantasy series. Rather, the player can access every shop in the game through the menu system, and buy items over the Worldwide Network.

Items are still received instantaneously, but in order to use the shops, the player must unlock them through special actions. Only three shops can be accessed simply by going through the game's main storyline, most others must be unlocked by completing missions. There are, in total, 16 shops in Crisis Core.

List of shopsEdit

Shinra Building ShopEdit

Open to all Shinra Employees.

Unlocked immediately.

Name Cost
Potion 50 gil
Ether 200 gil
Soma 200 gil
Remedy 200 gil

Sector 5 Materia ShopEdit

A well established shop; traditional selections in stock.

Complete Mission 6-2-3.

Name Cost
Strength Up 1,000 gil
Vitality Up 1,000 gil
Magic Up 1,000 gil
Spirit Up 1,000 gil
Poison 1,000 gil
Silence 1,000 gil

Sector 7 ShopEdit

An underground outlet favored by many anti-Shinra groups.

Treasure in Mission 4-4-3.

Name Cost
Flame Ring 3,000 gil
Fire Armlet 3,000 gil
Ice Ring 3,000 gil
Ice Armlet 3,000 gil
Lightning Ring 3,000 gil
Lightning Armlet 3,000 gil
Dragon Armlet 20,000 gil
Wizard Bracelet 80,000 gil
Element Blade 20,000 gil
Brigand's Gloves 10,000 gil
Mog's Armlet 10,000 gil
X-Potion 3,000 gil

Research Dept. QMC+Edit

Only for selected members of the Turks.

Treasure in Gongaga Village in Chapter 10 (can be missed permanently).

Name Cost
Firaga 10,000 gil
Blizzaga 10,000 gil
Thundaga 10,000 gil
Octaslash 10,000 gil
Rush Assault 10,000 gil
Air Strike 10,000 gil
Meteor Shots 10,000 gil
Healing Wave 10,000 gil
Lucky Stars 10,000 gil
Hi-Potion 500 gil

Gongaga TradingEdit

Pioneered online shopping to compensate for its rural location.

Complete Mission 2-3-1.

Name Cost
Carbon Bangle 8,000 gil
Rune Armlet 8,000 gil
Sea Chocobo Armlet 8,000 gil
Hyper Wrist 8,000 gil
Shinra Beta 8,000 gil
Hypno Crown 8,000 gil
Tarot Cards 8,000 gil
Drainga 18,000 gil

Nibel AccessoriesEdit

Made possible by the abundance of mako.

Treasure in Mission 6-4-4.

Name Cost
Mortal Shock 15,000 gil
Venom Shock 15,000 gil
Mute Shock 15,000 gil
System Shock 15,000 gil
Paralyzing Shock 15,000 gil
Safety Bit 5,000 gil
Star Pendant 3,000 gil
White Cape 3,000 gil
Gris-Gris Bag 3,000 gil
Headband 3,000 gil
Sprint Shoes 3,000 gil
Pearl Necklace 8,000 gil

Mythril Mine TradingEdit

A shop in the famous Mythril Mines.

Complete Mission 2-4-5.

Name Cost
Moon Bracer 10,000 gil
Shining Bracer 10,000 gil
Protect Ring 30,000 gil
Faerie Ring 20,000 gil
Twisted Headband 10,000 gil

Net Shop ShadeEdit

An online shop in an unknown location.

Treasure in Mission 9-5-4.

Name Cost
Precious Watch 10,000 gil
Jeweled Ring 10,000 gil
Apocalypse 10,000 gil
Dualcast 30,000 gil
Genji Helm* 1,000,000 gil

*Can only be bought once; disappears after purchase once the shop menu is exited.*

Sector 8 Materia ShopEdit

Top sales in the world; plenty of useful selections.

Complete Mission 6-2-1.

Name Cost
HP Up 1,000 gil
MP Up 1,000 gil
AP Up 1,000 gil
Drain 5,000 gil
Osmose 4,000 gil

Sector 6 Accessory ShopEdit

Wildly popular with all generations of shoppers.

Complete Mission 6-2-6.

Name Cost
Bronze Bangle 500 gil
Bronze Armlet 500 gil
Chocobo Armlet 500 gil
Wrist Band 1,000 gil
Bulletproof Vest 1,000 gil
Earrings 1,000 gil
Amulet 1,000 gil

Research Dept. QMCEdit

For all members of the Turks to procure their equipment.

Given after the battle with G Eraser in Chapter 4.

Name Cost
Fire 1,000 gil
Blizzard 1,000 gil
Thunder 1,000 gil
Cure 1,000 gil
Esuna 3,000 gil
Libra 1,000 gil
Star Pendant 3,000 gil
White Cape 3,000 gil
Headband 3,000 gil

The Happy TurtleEdit

A countrywide chain with its head office in Wutai.

Treasure in Mission 4-3-6.

Name Cost
Fira 3,000 gil
Blizzara 3,000 gil
Thundara 3,000 gil
Cura 3,000 gil
Regen 5,000 gil
Barrier 4,000 gil
Magic Barrier 4,000 gil
Dispel 5,000 gil
Dash 5,000 gil

Wutai Secret ShopEdit

An illegal operation favored by Wutai remnants.

Complete Mission 4-2-6.

Name Cost
Quake 18,000 gil
Hell Firaga 15,000 gil
Hell Blizzaga 15,000 gil
Hell Thundaga 15,000 gil
Drain Blade 10,000 gil
Power Drain 14,000 gil
Aerial Drain 18,000 gil
Status Strike 40,000 gil
Status Ward 40,000 gil
Elemental Strike 40,000 gil
Elemental Ward 40,000 gil
Firaga Blade 10,000 gil
Blizzaga Blade 10,000 gil
Thundaga Blade 10,000 gil

Junon SouvenirsEdit

A shop by the sea, popular with tourists.

Treasure in Mission 2-4-1.

Name Cost
Chocobo Stomp 10,000 gil
1000 Needles 10,000 gil
Murderous Thrust 10,000 gil
Courage Boost! 10,000 gil
Moogle Power 10,000 gil
Item Mugger 10,000 gil

Bone Village CommerceEdit

A shop in Bone Village where many rarities are dug up.

Treasure in Mission 7-5-3.

Name Cost
Hellfire 10,000 gil
Mega Flare 10,000 gil
Zantetsuken 10,000 gil
Rebirth Flame 10,000 gil
Exa Flare 10,000 gil
Graviga 15,000 gil

Network Shop DuoEdit

Lord Duo's online shop based in Gold Saucer.

Treasure in Mission 9-3-3.

Name Cost
Bronze Armlet 10,000 gil
Snow Armlet 10,000 gil
Bolt Armlet 10,000 gil
Escort Guard 40,000 gil
Sniper Eye 50,000 gil
Dragon Armlet 20,000 gil
Wizard Bracelet 80,000 gil
Element Blade 20,000 gil