Shogo Sasaki is the main protagonist of Final Fantasy Lost Stranger. In the manga, he is an employee of Square Enix with aspirations of working on a Final Fantasy title who is transported along with his sister into a Final Fantasy world never seen before.

Profile[edit | edit source]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Shogo is a young man in his early 20s. He has a tall and lean build with short black hair and black eyes. He wears a tight black shirt and white trousers.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Shogo is an avid Final Fantasy fan and has nearly encyclopedic knowledge of every entry in the series so far released. He developed keen observational abilities as a result of meticulous planning and strategizing while playing and used to be much brighter in his childhood.

Although at present time he is a mostly pessimistic individual who is often saddened when things do not go his way, he is able to quickly regain his composure, mostly with help of his sister of whom he is very close to.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

As a result of playing through several Final Fantasy games, Shogo has developed a great ability to observe and learn from his surroundings. This extends to the point where he is able to discern hidden paths and secret treasure with little difficulty. He practiced archery and is thus competent with a bow.

Shogo has an unexplained ability similar to Libra where his eyes shine in several markings. When this happens he can observe information from whatever he is looking at, such as the composition of food or the durability of the terrain. This information is displayed to him in the form of information boxes. Currently the only information he can grasp is the information of objects, rather that of living beings.

Story[edit | edit source]

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Since early childhood Shogo has been a dedicated fan of Final Fantasy and played several installments. He used to play along with his sister Yuuko and used to share on his motto of studying hard and believed nothing was unbeatable. Yuuko admired her brother and the two vowed to join Square Enix to work on a Final Fantasy title of their own.

Several years later both siblings are hired, although they are in different departments. Shogo becomes depressed, but Yuuko encourages him that they can still make their dream a reality since they are in the company they wanted. A truck appears to run them over and seemingly kill them.

Shogo feels a moogle and wakes up finding a black mage (Daston Walter) and warrior (Rei Hagakre) and eventually a white mage (Sharuru Linkingfeather) that believe he is injured. The white mage heals him with Cure until her MP is depleted. Shogo joins the group and finds Yuuko in the town of Nylpo. Shogo recognizes several races, such as miqo'te, although he gets the names wrong. He realizes that they are in a Final Fantasy world different from anything he and Yuuko know. Although confused, Yuuko encourages her brother to make the best of this chance to live a Final Fantasy adventure. They request to join Sharuru's party, and she accepts.

The group partakes in several quests with Shogo annotating every piece of information he deems useful. The siblings are Jobless and they need to register in the guild to acquire a job. A civilian alerts the adventurers that a girl was left behind with a monster nearby, and the group decides to help her. Once they arrive, the group finds the menacing Dawnless White Dragon, a monster known to never suffer any wound, and whom Sharuru's group failed to defeat in their previous encounter. Faced with such a monster the party decides to wait for more capable fighters to arrive, although Yuuko decides to save the girl quoting Zidane's catchphrase of "not needing a reason to help somebody".

Being the fastest of the group, she believes she can get the girl while the others distract the dragon. The attacks do not affect the monster, and when Yuuko gets the girl, the terrain under her weakens and the dragon notices them. Shogo realizes the terrain is unstable and using an unknown ability he detects where the terrain is weakest, firing an arrow and causing the ground to collapse. Yuuko tosses the girl to Shogo, but is mauled by the dragon inflicting fatal wounds that cannot be healed by Sharuru's magic. Shogo begs the white mage to use Raise on her, but Sharuru reveals that Raise is but a spell in legends.

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