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Troopers serving in the Shinra Company Public Security Corps. Pharmacological agents and reinforced suits make these troopers tough to take down. They attack with claw weapons equipped to both arms.

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The Shock Trooper is an enemy in Final Fantasy VII Remake. They are agile combatants that move swiftly through the battlefield. They are members of the Shinra Public Security Division.

The downloadable demo included this enemy.



The Shock Trooper is a melee-oriented type of Shinra troop that specializes in fast attacks and can move quickly around the player. He can dodge continuous attacks in a row, such as melee attacks combos and Barret's rapid-fire shots.

Diving Kick from FFVII Remake

Diving Kick.

The Shock Trooper will try to close the gap and surround the player, and can be dangerous when accompanied by other Shock Troopers or enemies capable of flinching. When close, he usually perform a three-hit physical combo that makes the character flinch with each hit. He also has three abilities: Physical damage Diving Kick, where he jumps into the air and descends with a flying kick; Physical damage Springboard, where he propels himself towards his opponent; and Physical damage Backspring Kick, a somersault attack that knocks opponents high into the air.

Hard mode Edit

On the hard difficulty the Shock Trooper will use its abilities more often, and will be overall more aggressive.


Much like the vast majority of human-type enemies, the Shock Trooper is weak against fire. He has a surprisingly high magic defense, however, which combined with his ability to dodge attacks makes him resilient. After the Shock Trooper evades a player character's continuous attacks, the player can quickly switch to another character and attack, as he won't be evading attacks for a few seconds. The player should always lock on to him, as he constantly moves around. Cloud is particularly effective against the Shock Trooper thanks to his counter-attack while in Punisher Mode.


Shock troops are formations created to lead an attack. "Shock troop" is a calque, a loose translation of the German word Stoßtrupp. Military units which contain assault troops are typically organized for mobility with the intention that they will penetrate through enemy defences and attack into the enemy's vulnerable rear areas.

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