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Shock Spikes is an Enhancing Black Magic spell from Final Fantasy XI. It grants the status of the same name to the user, causing enemies to take lightning-elemental magic damage when attacking the user.


Shock Spikes can be learned by Black Mages at level 30, Red Mages at level 60, and Scholars at level 70. It is one few enhancing spells Black Mages have available in their arsenal. Its scroll can be bought from merchants in Selbina, Nashmau, and Windurst Waters.


Shock Spikes is a Black Magic spell. The spikes do an amount of damage contingent upon the caster's enhancing Magic skill and the target's resistance to Lightning damage.

Generally this spell will not do more than 15 damage per hit at level 75, and starts out much weaker than that. In addition to dealing lightning damage, Shock Spikes have a chance of stunning anyone who physically hits a target with the spell active.


Shock refers to a dangerous condition that disrupts the blood flow of the body. Electric shock is the physiological reaction or injury caused by electric current passing through the (human) body.