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One of the Pleiad's seven. Known for putting her adversaries on ice. Ask her to make you a slushy! She's surprisingly cool about that kind of stuff.
Mirage Manual entry

Shiva is a character in World of Final Fantasy. She is one of a group of powerful Mirages, known as the Pleiad's Seven.

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Notes: One of the Pleiad / Nether Nebula guardian / Queen of ice / One eye not like the other / Doesn't keep her cool as well as you'd think
A Series Regular
Shiva has been diamond-dusting ever since the summoning system made its debut. And like Ifrit and Ramuh, she's a core member of the FF lineup who has shown up in almost every FINAL FANTASY since.
Shiva's gone through a lot of changes over the years. She's turned up as a motorcycle and a kind of super ice skater, had a family and not had a family... Icy as she is, she's never let her image freeze up.
Not on Bridge Duty
As you may have figured out, the shiva that specializes in making bridges is the one that hangs with Snow. That's not to say this Shiva is incapable of making a bridge—and, in fact, Sherlotta managed to taunt her into it—but she certainly isn't about to go out of her way to do any extra work.
Shiva tried to march right on home once she saw that Sherlotta and Refia weren't accompanied by a cadre of hunky guys—but what exactly would she have done if there were men present? Freeze 'em up and use 'em to decorate her room? If you think about it, Shiva's been cooling her heels in the Nether Nebula for a while now... Does she have an icebox somewhere filled with frozen beefcake?
Not anymore. Ramuh made her clean up her man-freezer years ago; Shiva had to watch as Ifrit thawed her entire collection. Still, if given the chance, she'd love to start again...
The Nether Nebula: Part 2
In places where the barrier between worlds is thin, an esper with the right knowledge doesn't need a summoner, because they can use the magic within any suitable human being as a conduit. In a word, they can summon themselves.
However, a number of unlikely conditions need to first be met: the barrier must be thin enough, the esper must be clever enough, and a powerful enough human conduit must wander within reach. Naturally, this makes such crossings a very rare occurrence.

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Shiva, along with Ramuh and Ifrit, appear before the twins from crystals within the Nether Nebula. After greeting the twins, much to the latter's confusion, they notice their condition and conclude that they are not the same masters they once knew and declare that if the twins wish to command them again, they would have to prove their strength. Stating that rather than having all three of them fight, the twins can select one they want to fight.

Though the twins emerge victorious, the three Mirages inform them that they still lack the power to command such powerful Mirages in battle. Instead, they leave them a prismarium with a lesser Mirage belonging to their tribe and bid their farewell.


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