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An ice-elemental entity and ruler over the world of ice. It is said that she once saved the planet from certain destruction by staunching a great wound with a glacier.

Shiva is a summoning materia in Final Fantasy VII Remake. It summons Shiva, the lady of ice with pale skin clad in silver jewelry and lingerie. Her hip-length teal hair is tied in a high ponytail, she has pointed ears with large hoop earrings, and pale blue eyes. She is clad in metallic lingerie with a crystal in shape of an icicle hanging down from her bra over her navel. A long chiffon scarf is wrapped around her neck, chest and groin and flutters behind her when she flies. The design is based on the Shiva from the original Final Fantasy VII but with with cooler color tones (her scarf is blue rather than pink) and metallic accessories.[1] She now has an anklet, toe ring, bracelets, choker, earrings, headband and a thigh cuff.

Her loading screen description appears to allude to a legend on how the Great Glacier formed around the North Crater, a great ancient "wound" to the planet.


Shiva defeated from FFVII Remake.jpg

Completing Combat Simulation: Shiva in Chadley's VR Missions earns her materia. She is first available to fight in Chapter 8, "Budding Bodyguard".

Data compiled on the ice element has resulted in the successful reproduction of Shiva, the lady of frost. Combat behavior has yet to be tested.

Engage in simulated battle to gauge performance.


Outstanding. The Shiva summoning materia is complete. And now it's yours. Use it as you see fit. The lady of frost is the perfect companion for a man like you, Cloud. She will prove most useful when the time comes to destroy Shinra.


Ability ATB cost Effect Description
Icicle Impact 1 Icicles deal ice-elemental magic damage to a target and nearby enemies. Greatly boosts stagger. Deal ice damage to nearby enemies. Significantly increases stagger.
Heavenly Strike 2 Shiva drops a block of ice on a target, also damaging nearby enemies. Greatly boosts stagger but is slow and can miss. Conjure a great glacier and bring it down upon an enemy's head. Significantly increases stagger.
Diamond Dust - Ice damage against all opponents. Shiva encases foes in an ice cocoon and blows a kiss to shatter it. -


Shiva boss from FFVII Remake.png

Shiva is fought in Chadley's combat simulator to earn her summoning materia. She is ice-elemental, and thus the player can use Elemental Materia Elemental Materia to their advantage by either pairing it with Fire Materia Fire Materia in a weapon to deal more damage with every physical strike, or with Ice Materia Ice Materia in an armor to cut the damage Shiva inflicts with her frost. Ifrit Materia Ifrit Materia is a good offensive summoning materia to set up for this battle, as is Carbuncle Materia Carbuncle Materia for support, if available.

Shiva is also fought in the gauntlet to Pride and Joy Prototype superboss in the Shinra Combat Simulator in Chapter 17 during hard mode.


Invoke Shiva to aid in you in battle.

Role: Deals damage
Element: Ice
Ultimate Attack: Diamond Dust

Diamond Dust - Shiva summon sequence - Final Fantasy VII Remake

After acquiring the Shiva materia, the player can set it to any playable character's weapon and summon her in battle when the command becomes available. Summoning Shiva costs 1 ATB segment. She can be summoned only when there is enough space, though she doesn't require as much as Leviathan and Bahamut do. Shiva is best summoned against bosses who are weak to ice. When not commanded by the player, she does small damage to the player's target by conjuring icicles and shooting them, and projecting an ice crest that travels across the floor in a straight line to explode on the target.

Shiva's ATB moves can be used to stagger opponents, but Heavenly Strike has a slow start and thus may miss if the enemy moves out from its radius before the block of ice drops; Icicle Impact costs less ATB and is faster and is unlikely to miss. Heavenly Strike would be good against stopped or sleeping opponents.

If summoned against the Hell House, Kotch and Scotch will comment thusly:[2]

Kotch: Grab your coats, folks! You're gonna wanna bundle up for this! We've got the queen of ice herself coming in for a meet and greet. What a beauty!
Scotch: That frosty stare could strike a man dead where he stands. Maybe I'll be the lucky victim!



Shiva (also spelled Śiva) is a Hindu god. The Hindu Shiva once saved the world by consuming poison, giving him blue skin around the area of the neck and throat. Shiva is a male god, but can merge with his consort Parvati to become Ardhanari, an androgynous Hindu god of duality. Shiva is the god of destruction along with Vishnu, who is the god of preservation, and Brahma, the god of creation. Together they are the three principle deities of the Trimurti (Hindu Triad). It is believed he periodically destroys the world, then recreates it.

Shiva has different human forms, males and females. When he was in his avatar form, he spent most of his times in the Himalayan snow mountain. Shiva in the Final Fantasy series is likely inspired by one of his female avatars.

In Japanese pronunciation "Shiba" could refer to English word "shiver", which in Japanese would sound like "shi-ba" or "shi-va".


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