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Alluring Empress of Ice. Blizzards whirl and rage at her command.


Shiva is a Rank III Water Ranged Yarhi in Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings. Her standard attack, Triple Slap, damages a single enemy three times, and Diamond Dust deals damage and inflicts Stop in a small area. The blue Shivas are ally Yarhi, while the green ones are enemy Yarhi.

Shiva wears a crown, a blue coat and her hair is blue and long. She is resistant to ice, and is weak to Fire.




Mission 79


Shiva's ability to perform three successive hits in one attack grants her a fast, continuous (non-stackable) barrage of damage upon an upcoming enemy. Since Shiva's Triple Slap deals magick damage, and Shiva has a high Magick stat, using Triple Slap can dish out heavy damage if she is under Hastega by Ashe, Mystic Dance by Penelo, 'Magick↑' by Kytes or under the influence of Lluyd's 'Infuse Spirit' or Fran's 'Steady Grip' or Ashe's 'Full Force'. Shiva's Diamond Dust inflicts heavy damage and Stop on a group of enemies. This tactic is also helpful if she is helped by Shivars who can cast Absolute Zero.

Shiva cannot hit enemies if they are too short and too close to her making her Triple Slap fling away without hitting them. Since Shiva is a floating Esper, she has a higher standing altitude, meaning she may not be able to hit enemies that are too close. This weakness excludes all Flying enemies since they have a higher standing altitude than Shiva's.



Shiva (also spelled Śiva) is a Hindu god. The Hindu Shiva once saved the world by consuming poison, giving him blue skin around the area of the neck and throat. Shiva is a male god, but can merge with his consort Parvati to become Ardhanari, an androgynous Hindu god of duality. Shiva is the god of destruction along with Vishnu, who is the god of preservation, and Brahma, the god of creation. Together they are the three principle deities of the Trimurti (Hindu Triad). It is believed he periodically destroys the world, then recreates it.

Shiva has different human forms, males and females. When he was in his avatar form, he spent most of his times in the Himalayan snow mountain. Shiva in the Final Fantasy series is likely inspired by one of his female avatars.

In Japanese pronunciation "Shiba" could also refer to the Queen of Sheba whom King Solomon of Israel fell in love with, lending to the "Queen of Ice" title. It could also refer to English word "shiver", which in Japanese would sound like "shi-ba" or "shi-va".