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Shiva is a boss in Final Fantasy X. She is fought in three instances: a one-on-one aeon duel between Yuna and Belgemine at the Calm Lands and later at the Remiem Temple, as well as the final battle.

Yuna is given an opportunity to fight Shiva at the Calm Lands in an aeon battle with Belgemine. The player must beat Shiva and all of Belgemine's aeons to receive the Aeon's Soul item that will enable aeon development. The player will also receive 30 Power Spheres. Every other battle won against her will earn 30 Speed Spheres. Furthermore, the player needs to beat Belgemine at Remiem Temple to obtain the Moon Sigil, as well as 60 Mega-Potions. Every other battle won will earn the player 6 Star Curtains.


Calm Lands

Remiem Temple



In the first battle, the opposing Shiva has 15,000 HP and 900 MP. She has high defenses, absorbs any ice attacks, is immune to status ailments and any break attacks. She uses her physical attack and casts Blizzara, and will use Heavenly Strike when her Overdrive gauge is full. Shiva's Overdrive gauge increases by 10% when attacking and 2% when targeted.

At the Remiem Temple battle, Shiva has 20,000 HP and 950 MP. Her resistances are the same, though her defenses are lower while her Evasion is higher. She has access to Diamond Dust, and now casts Blizzaga on herself to recover HP when she falls below half. Shiva's Overdrive gauge increases by 5% when damaged by an attack, 10% when attacking, and 20% when casting Blizzaga.

Yuna also encounters Shiva as an enemy inside Sin. Shiva's stats are identical to that of when being summoned, except for MP and Luck, which are both always 1. Her Overdrive gauge increases by 15~30% when targeted by Power Wave from a Yu Pagoda, and 0~10% when targeted by an attack or using an ability.

Heavenly Strike inflicts Threaten in the Calm Lands battle, a weak delay in the Remiem Temple battle, and a strong delay in the battle Inside Sin. This is the only enemy ability capable of inflicting the Threaten status, though all aeons and party members are immune to it.


The simplest strategy is to summon Bahamut with the Overdrive gauge fully or close to fully charged. His Mega Flare should be enough to kill her.

In the battle within Sin, a good method is to use Lulu, Yuna, and Auron. Yuna should heal and cast NulFrost, Lulu should use Reflex, and Auron should use Armor, Magic, and Mental Breaks on her.

An alternate method is to use equipment with Ice Eater, Iceproof or Ice Ward and simply attack.


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