Goddess of Ice. The Glacian's place among the Six lies opposite that of the Infernian, Ifrit. Roused suddenly from hibernation in Ghorovas Rift, the Frostbearer brought the chill wind of death to bear on half the imperial army before suffering her own corporeal demise.


Shiva, also known as the Glacian, is an Astral in Final Fantasy XV. She is one of the Six and is the Astral that most resembles a human. She is the most friendly and compassionate of the Six, and acts as a Messenger of the gods to mortals. Prince Noctis forges a pact with her in Chapter 12.

Shiva is the fondest of mortals out of all the Astrals, but was not always this way; she used to dislike humans for the fleeting nature of their lives, and how they cling to hopes and dreams. Witnessing compassion and benevolence in others warmed her heart.



Shiva in the Chinese version.

Like the other Astrals, Shiva is based on a recurring summon in the Final Fantasy series. She is the smallest Astral, not much larger than a normal human. She is a woman with pale blue skin, purple eyes with white eye shadow, pointed elvish ears and hornlike protrusions that resemble icicles. She wears her long silvery hair in elaborate braids, and her body is covered by lace-pattern frost that resembles lingerie. She has sheer white frost sleeves and a filigree choker made of ice. Shiva appears as a flock of fairy-like ice goddesses, but has also appeared as a giantess.

In the Chinese version, Shiva's appearance is altered giving her a more human skin tone and her body is differently textured to give the impression of a bodysuit rather than naked skin.

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Divine avatar whose earthly form belies her supernatural powers. Shrouded in mystery, she arrived in Tenebrae on the occasion of Lunafreya's birth and has remained by her side ever since, watching over her and guiding her as she grew. Gentiana prefers to not interfere with the everyday occurrences of the mortal world, seeking only to guide the King and the Oracle along their respective paths.

Gentiana's dossier


Shiva lives in the world as Gentiana, the High Messenger who stays by the Oracle Lunafreya Nox Fleuret's side. Whereas the Oracle can commune with the gods to deliver mankind's message to them, Gentiana does the same for the gods. Shiva seems able to co-exist in multiple bodies, as when summoned by Noctis, she appears as numerous glacial pixies, and when her colossal ice goddess body was felled by the Niflheim Empire, Gentiana was already living at Fenestala Manor in Tenebrae. It has been implied that the reason Shiva now appears in a smaller form is because she was previously killed.[1]. Whether Gentiana is her own person whose body Shiva is "borrowing" after losing her corporeal body, or whether the two were always the same person, is unknown. Shiva's profile in Final Fantasy XV: Comrades describes her thusly: "She is the true form of the spirit incarnate in Gentiana, using both her celestial form and material body to cure Eos of the Starscourge."

Gentiana has black hair and olive green eyes. She wears a black gown with white wraps on her sleeves that flow down into tail-like clothing. She wears black thigh-high open-toed stiletto-heeled boots. Her nails are painted in a dark metallic hue.


Shiva was cold towards mankind, but when she saw the god of fire Ifrit's kindness in giving them fire, she became more compassionate and fell in love with him. However, after the War of the Astrals, Shiva lost her faith in humanity.

Gentiana sheds a tear.

As Gentiana, she is calm and elegant. She often keeps her eyes closed, even when interacting with the people around her, belying her clairvoyant nature. She stays by Lunafreya's side, supporting her, but usually chooses to stand aside and observe rather than initiate action. After seeing Lunafreya dedicate her life to saving people, Gentiana regained her faith for humanity. She often refers to herself and others in the third person.

When Lunafreya thanks Gentiana for delivering her unsaid feelings to Noctis, she feels undeserving of Gentiana's kindness even though she spent her life saving people. Gentiana sheds a single tear, deeply touched by Lunafreya's modesty and selflessness.

Despite Ifrit's betrayal, Shiva still loves him and desires for him to find peace in death.


Tales of the past and hopes for the future are manifest in the King of Kings. The Frostbearer's blessing shall be his.


Ifrit and Shiva in love.

During the Old Calendar Era the Astrals were active across Eos. Humans were created in the Astrals' image, and though Shiva was indifferent to man's fragile and ephemeral existence, even thinking them unnecessary to the planet,[2] the god of fire, Ifrit, admired their strength of will. Granting mankind his flame, a civilization flourished: Solheim. Ifrit's benevolence warmed Shiva's heart, who likewise came to love humans and fell in love with Ifrit.

Some Solheimians began to see themselves as superior to the gods and spurned their blessings. Due to the perceived betrayal of the Astrals by Solheim's people, Ifrit declared war on them, which became known as the Astral War. The Six are sworn to protect Eos, even from each other, and thus the other Astrals turned against Ifrit. The conflict was magnified by the appearance of the Starscourge, a plague that killed millions, and Solheim collapsed. The leader of the Astrals, Bahamut, killed Ifrit, and Shiva lost her faith in humanity. The world was left in ruin the wake of the war and the Astrals—bar Bahamut—fell into slumber.


In M.E. 732 the High Messenger Gentiana moved in with House Fleuret in Tenebrae after the birth of Lunafreya. In M.E 735, after the birth of Noctis Lucis Caelum, Gentiana met with a young Lunafreya and told her that she must work with Noctis to bring back light to the world, as he will be the True King. Lunafreya assured her she will. Moved by Lunafreya's determination and her benevolence, Shiva's faith in humanity was restored.

When an eight-year-old Noctis visited Tenebrae in M.E. 744, he befriended the twelve-year-old Lunafreya. Gentiana met with Noctis and was glad that the Chosen King and the Oracle were becoming close.

Shiva killed by Niflheim.

In M.E. 745, the 13-year-old Lunafreya entered a covenant with Shiva.[3] Shiva awoke in the form of an ice giantess in the desert plains surrounding Gralea, the capital of Niflheim and sensed Ifrit was in danger, being sought by a mortal to "lead him away from the Light." Ifrit was being turned into a daemon by someone with the imperial army,[2] and thus Shiva led an assault on the empire. She was felled by its magitek infantry resulting in an environmental anomaly: the desert transformed into a vast tundra trapped in a perpetual snowstorm. Niflheim spun the event in their favor by claiming they had saved their land from an eternal winter by felling Shiva.

Having lost most of its army, Niflheim began developing magitek soldiers strong enough to fight the Astrals,[4] and the empire's leading magitek researcher, Verstael Besithia, studied her remains to begin building a weapon he dubs "the Godslayer." The research documents within Zegnautus Keep, the imperial magitek laboratory, suggest that the imperial "Wallbreaker" technology was used against Shiva to enfeeble her powers. The corpse of Shiva's giantess incarnation remains outside Gralea, where it can be seen from aboard the trains that pass the imperial capital by. According to the Final Fantasy XV Official Works,[2] Shiva lost a part of her power, but retained her ability to move without regard to physical space and her all-freezing ice. What was left of her power she split into Gentiana so she could watch over the Oracle.

A few years later, after another Messenger, Pryna, returned to the 16-year-old Lunafreya with information about an Insomnian boy named Prompto Argentum, Gentiana asked Lunafreya if she should investigate further.

Gentiana meets Lunafreya outside Insomnia.

When the 24-year-old Lunafreya escapes Insomnia in the wake of the failed peace treaty signing between the empire and Lucis, she is met by Umbra, Pryna and Gentiana. Lunafreya holds the Ring of the Lucii, with directions from the late King Regis to bring it to Noctis in the latter's quest to become the True King. Gentiana accompanies Lunafreya to awaken Titan and Ramuh so they can forge covenants with Noctis.

Gentiana appears to Noctis and his retinue to advise the prince in facing Ramuh's trial, and communicates with him telepathically. From then on Gentiana is implied to be keeping supernatural watch over them, as she sometimes appears in the background of photos the party takes. Lunafreya's brother, Ravus Nox Fleuret, sends an escort to pick up Lunafreya and Gentiana, and they return to Tenebrae.

Gentiana promises Lunafreya she will let Noctis know of her feelings.

Gentiana finds Lunafreya crying in a sylleblossom field. She affirms Lunafreya does not have to hide her grief, because she is no different from everyone else even with her position of Oracle. Gentiana promises to deliver Lunafreya's feelings to Noctis should she die before she can tell him in person, as communing with the Astrals is slowly killing her. Lunafreya is grateful, and Gentiana sheds a single tear.

Gentiana reveals her true nature to Noctis when she steps in to temporarily stop Ardyn while aboard the train to Gralea, as they pass by Shiva's giantess corpse in Ghorovas Rift. She grants Noctis her power, forging a pact with him while also bestowing him with the Trident of the Oracle, one of the royal arms. From there on, Noctis can call upon Shiva when he's in danger. Shiva tells Noctis about Ifrit and the Great War of Old, asks him to save Eos as the Crystal's Chosen, and for him to release her love, Ifrit. As Lunafreya passed away during Leviathan's revelation, Shiva lets Noctis know how much she had loved him.

Gentiana on Angelgard.

After Noctis disappears inside the Crystal, the world is enveloped in the long night. Mankind comes together to defend the remains of civilization in wait for Noctis's return as the True King. Gentiana meets with Cor Leonis, the marshal of the Crownsguard military unit, and confirms that Noctis will return. Cor calls off the search for him. The Astrals forgive the Kingsglaive for their betrayal of the crown after they prove they want to protect the world. Shiva, alongside the other Astrals, appears to the Glaives chosen to protect Angelgard, the island where the True King is to awaken. In her Gentiana form, she explains to a Glaive that to allow Noctis to awaken they must defend Angelgard from the darkness.

After Noctis returns after his ten-year slumber inside the Crystal, he meets Libertus Ostium and some other Glaives in Angelgard. Libertus almost collapses, but Gentiana helps him up, and explains to Noctis he must head to the ruins of Insomnia to fulfill the prophecy as the True King. She assures him their paths will cross again.

Shiva defeats Ifrit.

In Insomnia Noctis comes across Omega, an ancient magitek armor of Solheimian make. Gentiana appears to explain its nature to him. Ardyn places various obstacles upon Noctis's path, including cloaking the Citadel with a barrier, but Lunafreya's spirit sends the Astrals to pierce through it. A flock of Shivas appear and join their forces to freeze the barrier. At the Citadel's gates Ardyn ushers a daemonic Ifrit upon Noctis, but Noctis and his friends fight him with the power of Astrals behind him. As a finishing blow, Noctis summons Shiva who surrounds the wounded Ifrit with her multiple bodies. As she accompanies Noctis, her copies fly into the sky which create Diamond Dust, entrapping Ifrit in the middle of blizzard dome, slowly freezing him before slaying him with an icy kiss, wishing him to rest, calling him "[her] love".

As Noctis sits upon the throne and calls down the past kings the Astrals show up and turn into energy, entering the Ring of the Lucii alongside Noctis and the kings. Shiva carries Ifrit's severed horn as they dissipate.


Noctis obtains Shiva at the end of Chapter 12.



Proof that Noctis has received Shiva's blessing. The Glacian may come to his aid in a moment of true peril.

Mark of the Glacian item description

The chance to summon will appear randomly while in battle. Each summon can be called around once per in-game day and the player can summon once per battle (as long as summoning is possible in that battle; summoning is unavailable in the locations for chapters 9–13, in training battles at camp and in boss battles in Chapter 14 bar scripted sequences). Each Astral has its own requirements to be considered during the "summon roll", which happens every 10 seconds. While possible to summon during the first roll, it is rare. Shiva's summon chance increases for each party member in Down/Danger, and the time the player has spent in battle. Shiva needs some space to be summoned, but can be summoned nearly anywhere.

Gentiana enters

When summoned, Gentiana enters and freezes the surrounding landscape with her presence. She transforms into Shiva who appears alongside several copies of herself who surround a shivering Noctis. Shiva uses her signature attack, Diamond Dust, to envelop the foes in a constant vacuum of super-chilled air. Shiva is the most powerful summon, as her attacks hit foes the most amount of times.

Her summoning against the original penultimate boss has a unique animation.


Gentiana photobombs.

Gentiana has a random chance to photobomb Prompto's photos from Chapter 5 onwards. Having this happen awards the Immortal Photobomb trophy/achievement. While reviewing photos in camp, Noctis and the others will take puzzled note of her presence. Sometimes she is not apparent in the photo even if the game considers it a photobomb, Gentiana being out of the frame or behind other objects.


Gentiana randomly cooks for the player in Final Fantasy XV: Comrades, and is added to the main game in version 1.2. She presents a dish known as the Feast of the Divine, a wayo secchu nouvelle cuisine inspired recipe, which is Ignis's favorite. It makes the diners immune to status ailments and ice attacks, and boosts HP significantly.

NameIngredientsEffectsSPFavorite ofUnlock
Feast of the Divine
Zu Tender
Wennath Salmon Fillet
Eos Green Peas
HP Boost icon in FFXV.png HP Boost (Level 60): Max HP +3000
Frostproof icon in FFXV.png Frostproof (Level 10): Ice Resistance +100%
Immune icon in FFXV.png Resilient: Immune to all status ailments besides Instant Death
(Gentiana cooks it in Final Fantasy XV: Comrades)
Patch notes: Comrades guest-cooked recipes were added in patch 1.18, but after Comrades became a standalone title in patch 1.27, the recipes from it were made available in the base Final Fantasy XV

Creation and development

Shiva global versions versus Chinese version.

Character model for Gentiana.

Shiva has a different character model in the Chinese version, where she has more human skin color and her nakedness is obscured with a different body texture. The part of the summoning animation where Gentiana transforms still shows the original Shiva model, however.

Gentiana was designed by Roberto Ferrari, a sub-character designer for Final Fantasy XV.[5] Compared to Ferrari's original concept, the developers changed Gentiana's clothes for script reasons, although the new dress kept much from the two versions Ferrari had drawn (a formal outfit and a party dress). The face remained unchanged. She originally had red-framed glasses and a white armor on the arm and a heavy sword at her side. Gentiana's original role for Final Fantasy Versus XIII was that of Stella's messenger, and a contact point between the countries of Tenebrae and Niflheim.[6]

A nude character model for Gentiana exists,[7] used for her transformation scene. She is viewed from the back so it's not explicit in-game.

Gentiana's motion capture actress is Kaori Kawabuchi.


Shiva and Gentiana are voiced by Sayaka Kinoshita in the Japanese versions of Brotherhood Final Fantasy XV and Final Fantasy XV.

In English, she is voiced by Renee Faia.


Shiva VS Ifrit - Secret Summon Fight - Final Fantasy XV

Shiva speaking the Hexatheon language

In the 1.00 version, Bahamut spoke in the astral language, but this was changed into the human language in a patch. When Noctis originally met Shiva, she did not speak, but a scene was added in a patch that has Shiva tell Noctis the story of the Great War of Old, and she uses the human language. This makes Bahamut and Shiva the only Astrals heard speaking the human language. Shiva originally spoke in the astral language during the battle against the penultimate boss, and Noctis translated what she said to the others. As of patch 1.21, Shiva speaks the human language, and the message is also different: when she spoke in the Hexatheon language, she asked Noctis to bring the light. In human language, she asks her love to rest in peace.

Non-Final Fantasy guest appearances



Shiva (also spelled Śiva) is a Hindu god. The Hindu Shiva once saved the world by consuming poison, giving him blue skin around the area of the neck and throat. Shiva is a male god, but can merge with his consort Parvati to become Ardhanari, an androgynous Hindu god of duality. Shiva is the god of destruction along with Vishnu, who is the god of preservation, and Brahma, the god of creation. Together they are the three principle deities of the Trimurti (Hindu Triad). It is believed he periodically destroys the world, then recreates it.

Shiva has different human forms, males and females. When he was in his avatar form, he spent most of his times in the Himalayan snow mountain. Shiva in the Final Fantasy series is likely inspired by one of his female avatars. In Final Fantasy XV Shiva also assumes different forms, appearing as a giantess, a flock of taller-than-human pixies, and even as a human.

Gentiana is a genus of flowering plants named after the Illyrian king Gentius, who may have discovered its healing properties. Sylleblossom is a blue flower native to the land of Tenebrae associated with Lunafreya in Final Fantasy XV.


Shiva on the map.

  • If the player views the map when the train stops near the giantess Shiva's corpse, the outline of her body is visible.
  • It is not possible to rotate Shiva in the bestiary.
  • Shiva's bestiary entry has differences between different translations. The Japanese version mentions her as the "foil to Ifrit", and simply states that she was defeated by Niflheim. The English version claims that her demise was only "corporeal". The German version says Shiva was Ifrit's lover before he went mad.

A Cosmogony illustration.

  • A winged Gentiana and winged Umbra and Pryna appear on an illustration on a Cosmogony book the young Noctis had in Tenebrae. This illustrates how the Messengers have always been aiding the two royal bloodlines of Fleuret and Lucis Caelum.
  • Gentiana stood on a balcony in Moogle Chocobo Carnival. If the player used the Armiger glitch to fly to her, and used a Mega Potion in her vicinity, she was healed for 3992 HP.[8]

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