Shiro Hamaguchi

Shirō Hamaguchi.

Shirō Hamaguchi (浜口 史郎, Hamaguchi Shirō?) (born November 19th, 1969, in Fukuoka) is a music composer for Square Enix (previously Squaresoft). He attended the Tokyo Academy of Arts, where he came into contact with composer Masashi Hamauzu. Along with him, Hamaguchi joined Square in late 1990 and began working on several Final Fantasy soundtracks, mostly in orchestral arrangements and piano albums. One of his famous works is the "Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec" of Final Fantasy VIII.

Works in the SeriesEdit

GameHamaguchi's Credit(s)
Final Fantasy VII Arranger
Final Fantasy VIII Arranger
Final Fantasy IX Arranger
Final Fantasy X Arranger
Final Fantasy XI Arranger
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Orchestral Arrangements
Final Fantasy: Unlimited Music Composer


GameHamaguchi's Credit(s)
Final Fantasy 20020220 Orchestral Arrangements
Piano Collections: Final Fantasy IX Piano Arrangements
Final Fantasy VII: Reunion Tracks Orchestral Arrangements
Piano Collections: Final Fantasy VII Arrangements
FITHOS LUSEC WECOS VINOSEC: Final Fantasy VIII Orchestral Arrangements
Piano Collections: Final Fantasy VIII Piano Arrangements
Voices from Final Fantasy Final Fantasy Premium Orchestra Concert Arranger

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