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Imperial soldiers inside Ship.

Ship (, Fune?) is a location in Final Fantasy Dimensions.


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Vata fleeing.

The Warriors of Light enter this location as they follow Vata from Fabrica Cave. They make their way to the lower level, with some help from The Mask. They eventually encounter some imperial soldiers at the Bottom Level. After defeating them, Vata appears and challenges the Warriors. In the battle, Vata tells the Warriors that Cid has been looking for Argy. Fighting with Vata for a while, he compliments the Warriors on having managed to tame the beast successfully. He then flees but not before telling them 'Till next time, "Warriors!". The team enter Heliogabalus.

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Item Place
4000 Gil Upper Level
Burning Knuckles Upper Level
Dark Hat Middle Level
Eye Drops Upper Level
Cottage Middle Level
Phoenix Down Middle Level
Power Sash Middle Level
Amphibian Rod Lower Level