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A Job Well Done and Shinra Reacts are quests in Chapter 3, "Home Sweet Slum", in Final Fantasy VII Remake, taking place in the Sector 7 Slums. While Tifa Lockhart and Cloud Strife are looking for work, the two see a commotion as Johnny is taken from his home by the Shinra Electric Power Company. Worried that Johnny will likely talk more to them, Tifa urges Cloud to help Johnny. After she offers to go herself, Cloud agrees to help her.


The quest is begun by heading outside Johnny's home in the eastern portion of the Sector 7 Residential Area. After a cutscene when the quest begins, follow Tifa to the northeastern end. Hide behind a sign to hear Johnny yelling in fear, and then follow her through the gate. After traveling through the barricades, hide behind a crate to overhear two Security Officers harassing him.

Tifa will then ask Cloud to distract the Security Officers as she works on a plan. Follow Johnny and engage the group for an encounter with Security Officers, Guard Dogs, and one Elite Security Officer. It is best to fight the Security Officers and Guard Dogs with normal attacks to build ATB charges and use stronger abilities against the Elite Security Officer. Casting Fire Fire will exploit the Elite Security Officer's weakness to it, as well as help with a Battle Intel objective.

After defeating them, interact with Johnny to commence a cutscene, then flee from the area and follow Tifa. Return to Seventh Heaven to continue the main scenario quests, though the sidequests can also be completed now, leading to "Alone at Last".

To continue the main scenario, head to Seventh Heaven, where Tifa will talk to Cloud. Tifa will then offer a cocktail, but asks Cloud if he wants to head back into town or to go into the bar. This should only be done if there are more sidequests, or if the player wishes to buy something; otherwise, simply head into the bar to continue. Inside, a cutscene commences. Tifa then offers Cloud a drink, and the player can select either "Something hard". or "Not in the mood".; the answer will affect affection mechanics determining the resolution scene in "Resolve". At the end of the scene, "Talking Strategy" commences.

Hard mode tips[]

Though the Shinra soldiers are much more durable than in normal mode, none of them are especially challenging. As in normal mode, character abilities from Tifa and Cloud should be sufficient to defeat the enemies.