Shinra Public Security Division, also known as Peace Preservation, is Shinra's non-mako infused military/police force in the Final Fantasy VII series. Although not having as much of a reputation as SOLDIER, the Public Security Division's infantry makes up the majority of Shinra's military force, and is deployed far more often than SOLDIER. The Public Security keeps peace in Midgar, is deployed to handle events of public unrest and guards and operates many Shinra-owned facilities.

As seen in the missions in Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-, the Public Security Division has a rivalry with SOLDIER and extends challenges in the form of training sessions.

Recruitment[edit | edit source]

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The Public Security Division serves as a fallback for SOLDIER hopefuls deemed unfit to go through the mako infusion procedure that SOLDIER members are required to pass. During Final Fantasy VII Remake, the player can observe billboards advertising that the Public Security Division is hiring, and is being "endorsed" by Stamp, a lovable mascot Shinra uses for propaganda purposes.

Gear[edit | edit source]

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The soldiers' visage is obscured by a bulky helmet with three red glowing lights. Shinra soldiers usually wear blue uniforms, although during battles in Final Fantasy VII captains and elite members are shown in orange, and some working in the Junon underwater reactor in khaki. These uniforms do not appear to have any meaning and are just used for the sake of variety in battle. In the field the public security soldiers often appear as guards or a squad leaders.

In Crisis Core, soldiers all wear a blue uniform and are distinguished by the color of their neckerchief, green or red. In Final Fantasy VII, Zack is hunted down by two blue-uniformed soldiers led by a soldier in a red uniform, which in Crisis Core is instead two soldiers with blue neckerchiefs and one with red.

During the Raid on Junon, green soldiers appear in an FMV firing missiles. Soldiers in green never otherwise appear, but after watching the cutscene, a soldier in the Upper Junon Barracks will talk about the coveted green officer's uniform, with the Japanese stating it is for elite officers (上級仕官, jōkyū shikan?). Soldier mentioning the green uniform

Armored Shock Trooper from Final Fantasy VII Remake.

The Public Security Division soldiers use firearms and grenades in battle, rather than swords and magic like the SOLDIER members commonly do. The riot police troops use riot shields, and some use flamethrowers. The shock troopers are this military force premier soldiers and are deployed to protect the Shinra Building. The shock troopers are protected by reinforced armor developed by the Advanced Weaponry Division, and wield a beam sword and a heavy machine gun.[1] If their gear takes damage, the shock trooper can eject from the armor and gain superior mobility with the rollers on their feet, enabling them to run circles around their targets. The Public Security Division also employs "guard dogs," monstrous canines.

Shinra Public Security in hot pursuit in Chapter 18.

The Public Security forces use armored vehicles and helicopters during deployments. As seen in Chapters 4 and 18 of the Final Fantasy VII Remake, Public Security operators also ride on motorcycles, seemingly based on a real-world design, taking inspiration from models driven by law enforcement officers around the world. Judging from the shape of the chassis, the height of the windshield, and the large saddlebags, it can be assumed these bikes are based on a Harley-Davidson FL model (one of the most popular police bikes in use).

Notable members[edit | edit source]

Cloud Strife was once a member of the Public Security Division.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Shinra Public Security Division forces are fought as enemies in Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VII Remake, and in Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-. The player can also control Cloud wearing the Public Security Division gear in the original Final Fantasy VII during the infiltration of Junon, but he does not take part in battle then.

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References[edit | edit source]

  1. Armored Shock Trooper Enemy Intel: Troopers belonging to the Shinra's Public Security Division. Protected by reinforced armor developed by the Advanced Weaponry Division, and capable of inflicting heavy damage with their beam sword and heavy machine gun. As they are some of the most elite troopers in the military, they are tasked with guarding Shinra's HQ.
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