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The Shinra Military Transport Helicopter is a medium-sized helicopter used by Shinra Electric Power Company to transport personnel and various materials across distances in the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII.

The helicopter is designed to accommodate a small number of Shinra personnel in addition to the pilots. It bears the Shinra logo behind the cockpit windows, and is usually painted black. The vehicles are armed with machine guns and missile launchers. Similar to the B1-Alpha Helicopter also operated by Shinra, it features retractable side doors on both sides for quick and easy entry and exist.

The design may be based on the Sikorsky S-70 line of helicopters, a line designed for and operated by assorted branches of the United States military.


Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-[]

The military transport helicopter is used to transport Zack to the sites of several missions, such as Modeoheim and Banora. In the Digital Mind Wave attack Air Strike, Zack calls in an air strike from Tseng, who dispatches a helicopter to attack enemies with its machine guns followed by a barrage of missiles. During Zack's Final Stand, military transport helicopters fly in the background firing missiles.

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children[]

Shinra continues to operate military transport helicopters, dispatching the Turks to the North Crater with one, which they later use to aid Cloud Strife in his battle with the Remnants of Sephiroth, piloting ahead of the group and planting explosives that seem to kill Loz and Yazoo.

In an expanded version of the scene in Advent Children Complete, Reno and Rude use the helicopter's on-board weapons to attack Loz and Yazoo earlier in the battle, until Yazoo pilots his motorcycle through the craft's open doors and shoots off the control stick. Reno and Rude are forced to bail as the helicopter crashes, but a second helicopter picks them up to transport them ahead of the group where they plant the explosives as before, the second vehicle flying away at the beginning of the scene.