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Shrina Building Intel, Acquiring the Keycard, Reach for the Skyview Hall, Use the Elevator, and Use the Emergency Stairwell are quests in Chapter 16, "The Belly of the Beast" in Final Fantasy VII Remake. They take place in the Shinra Building. Cloud Strife, Tifa Lockhart, and Barret Wallace gather intel to learn where to find Aerith Gainsborough is being held in the building.


Acquiring the Keycard[]

Approach Tifa by the reception console for some dialogue, then run past her and Barret up the stairs, and interact with small device by the door, which cannot be activated without a keycard. After a cutscene, the player controls Tifa and must climb across several lights to reach the keycard. Move forward to hop between the lights, and Tifa will fall after the second.

After she falls below, obtain the 2,000 gil chest on the floor on the right-hand side, then run to the middle with a group of cars and walk onto the top of one of the cars. Hop across a few platforms to reach the bottom of a ledge with a ladder; before climbing it, use a set of handlebars to cross the gap to another ledge, then another set of handlebars to reach a purple treasure chest with the Purple Pain Purple Pain weapon for Tifa Purple Pain map from FFVII Remake. Retrace steps to return to the first ledge, and use the ladder to climb up.

At the top of the ledge, a set of handlebars lead across to another ledge. Move across them to reach the ledge, then cross the handlebars right right onto a platform. Across another set of handlebars, head right and drop onto a platform, then move forward to grab the next set of handlebars, move back and right to another ledge.

On the back-right ledge, head right again across another set of handlebars, and instead of attempting to go to the end to another ledge, head left onto a steel beam, walk left, then turn back to the handlebars and head left onto the ledge. Climb the ladder here and hop across the light platforms until a smaller light can be swung from. As Tifa swings back, press Triangle to pull back and gain momentum, until she is able to swing to the next. Eventually, she will reach the receptionist desk and obtain the keycard.

Iron Maiden.

After Tifa obtains the card, a short cutscene commences, and the player can choose between "Use the Elevator" and "Use the Emergency Stairwell". The exhibition hall on the east can also be entered, and a treasure chest contains an iron maiden armor. Head back up the stairs and choose either option.

Use the Elevator[]

Use the Elevator quest from FFVII Remake.png

The elevator is located on the right side after taking the stairs up to reach it, and leads to a few combat encounters and a cutscene. Of six elevators, the back-right is available to use; enter it to go to the tenth floor and fight two elite security officers, which can be dispatched using character abilities. Once they are defeated, return to the elevator, and the party will be taken to the 20th floor with three elite security officers. After using the elevator again, a cutscene will take place, and the party eventually arrive on the 59th floor.

Use the Emergency Stairwell[]

The party winded from climbing the Shinra HQ stairs from FFVII Remake.jpg

The emergency stairwell is located on the left side after using the stairs, and leads to short gameplay with comedic dialogue. Behind a door, the stairwell is located. Enter and the party will then run up the stairs. Barret and Tifa will run up the stairs at a different pace, as Tifa will run up faster than Cloud while Barret will fall behind most of the way; it is not possible to outpace Tifa.[1] Cloud climbs slower the further up the player is. After reaching the top, dialogue will commence, followed by a cutscene, as the party arrive on the 59th floor.

Reach for Skyview Hall[]

View from Skyview Hall.

When the party arrives on the 59th floor Skyview Hall, walk forward and Barret and Tifa will ask Cloud to look at something. Approach them at the window for a cutscene. After this, head back in a straight line towards a holographic receptionist, updating the keycard to a visitor's pass, granting access to the upper floor. This will lead into the next quest, "Playing the Tourist".

Behind the scenes[]

"Acquiring the Keycard" was many of many set pieces added by the developers to allow players to control other characters. For Tifa's set piece, they wished to use her agility, hence the platforming segment.[1]


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