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The Shinra Building, labeled Sector 0 - Shinra Electric Power Company on the map, is a field map in Final Fantasy VII Remake. It comprises several floors of the Shinra Building, as well as the perimeter around it, and an underground parking lot. The area is visited by Cloud Strife, Tifa Lockhart, and Barret Wallace, though in later quests, Aerith Gainsborough joins the party, and Red XIII joins as a guest.

The field is visited first in chapter 16, "The Belly of the Beast", as Cloud, Tifa, and Barret infiltrate the building to rescue Aerith. The majority of the challenges in this chapter are non-combat aside from the last few quests. In chapter 17, "Deliverance from Chaos", a few rooms of the Shinra Building are visited, though most of the chapter takes place within the Drum.

In both chapters, the Shinra Combat Simulator is located at different parts of the building.

The Shinra Building is the headquarters of the Shinra Electric Power Company.


Bottom floors[]

The bottom floors are seen in chapter 16, "The Belly of the Beast".

Shinra Building - Perimeter[]

Outside the Shinra Building.

The perimeter is divided into four areas: the Exterior Walkway, the Underground Parking Garage, Shinra Building - Main Entrance, and Shinra Building. Of these, only the Exterior Walkway is visited by the player, as the Underground Parking Garage sub-area is its own level at Underground Parking - B1.

The Exterior Walkway is visited at the start of the first quest of chapter 16, "Infiltration". It begins with a walkway surrounding a pipe. Aside from the staircase leading down, running to the back reveals a long bridge connected to a door at the wall, and several boxes that can broken.

Down the staircase, a linear path down more walkways leads to a lower walkway adjacent to the large lamps. At the very end is a vending machine, bench, and a treasure chest containing a bottle of ether. Halfway along it, a chest contains two hi-potions, and a staircase leads down to another walkway that eventually leads over a highway. Upon reaching this, a cutscene commences, following which the player ends up in the Underground Parking - B1.

Underground Parking - B1[]

Underground parking.

Known as the Underground Parking Garage on-screen, it is divided into three areas: Parking Garage - Section B, Parking Garage - Section A, and the Underground Loading Bay.

Parking Garage - Section A is where the party enters during "Bust Out of the Garage" by a car park spiral ramp in the northeast. The path leads around aisles of parked motorcycles, cars, and trucks, through a ramp, and finally to Gate-01. Elite security officers are fought here, and elite grenadiers are fought further in.

Past Gate-01, Parking Garage - Section B is located. This leads through a zig-zag path from a fenced-off area in the garage, to a storage room at the back, and finally back onto the parking lot aisles. 3-C SOLDIER operators and guard dogs are also fought along the way, as well as elite riot troopers, accompanying the security officers and grenadiers. In the top-right corner at the last room, a treasure chest contains two mega-potions.

The Underground Loading Bay is a small room adjacent to Section B. It has only a few boxes, and both a staircase and an escalator to the Service Entrance for 1F - Entrance.

B12-20: Advanced Weaponry[]

Advanced Weaponry from FFVIIR INTERmission.png

An area exclusive to "Episode INTERmission" appearing throughout "Covert Ops", it compromises a range of different floors (B12, B13, B14, B15, B16 and B20). This area specializes in the development of Shinra's weaponry overseen by the Head of Weapons Development, Scarlet. The first floor to access the area is B16, which is the Inspection floor where either Shinra employees or visitors come by. B15 is the Production floor where materia is stored and powered by mako-generated turbines.

B14 is the Maintenance floor, which contains multiple moving platforms for weaponry testing and contains a Shinra Box Buster minigame that Yuffie can play. B13 is the Development floor patrolled by security officers and other Shinra personnel. This floor also contains the Materia Research Facility where Scarlet observes materia testing and is where machinery such as The Valkyrie unit is stored when not in use.

Materia production.

B20 is the Testing Grounds where multiple enemies such as monodrives, cutters, and M.O.T.H. Units are fought via railway elevator platform. B12 is the Research floor where the Heavy Weapons Platform Testing area is located and is in close proximity to the Deepground floor and an additional Combat Simulator room. There is also an Observation facility nearby for non-machine related tests.

1F - Entrance[]


Entered through the Service Entrance in the southeast, 1F - Entrance primarily comprises the Lobby as its main area. The lobby is effectively split in two halves separated by a forcefield: the south half that the party explores in "Shinra Building Intel", and the north half explored by Tifa in "Acquiring the Keycard".

The south half contains the reception desk visited in both quests, and a staircase leading up to floor 3. In the southeast corner is a treasure chest with a moogle medal.

In the north half is an exhibition hall with several cars, motorcycles, and locomotive parts on display. In its east end, a treasure chest contains 2,000 Gil Gil, and in the middle, cars can be climbed. The rightmost car can be climbed to latch onto platforms leading up to the lower scaffolding around the cars. A ladder leads up to the higher scaffolding of 2F, though handlebars on the lower scaffolding can be taken west to a purple chest with the Purple Pain Purple Pain in a chest.

2F - Atrium[]

Comprises only the Light Fixture Scaffolding, as well as part of the staircase used to reach 3F. The scaffolding is visited during "Acquiring the Keycard" by Tifa. The scaffolding is traversed by climbing around it, in a path leading north, east, south, and finally up a ladder to 3F, to eventually reach the reception desk by traversing more lamps.

3F - Elevator Hall[]

Divided into the Cafe and Lounge, the Exhibition Hall on the east, the Elevator Hall at the north, and both the Emergency Exit and the Evacuation Route on the west.

Hardy-Daytona in the showroom.

The Cafe and Lounge is located centrally. From here, three locations can be visited, but each require a Shinra keycard first. The Emergency Exit is located west, with a door into the Evacuation Passage for "Use the Emergency Stairwell". East of the Cafe and Lounge is the Exhibition Hall, a wide room with vehicles on display, and a chest containing iron maiden armor Iron maiden treasure in Shinra Building 3F from FFVII Remake. At the back is the Elevator Hall, taken for "Use the Elevator".

Exhibition Hall.

The Evacuation Passage level as seen in "Use the Emergency Stairwell" comprises a vast staircase from 3F to 59F. The stairs are largely identical, though while using them, the UI will keep track of which characters are on which floor.

On the elevator path, the floors 10F - General Affairs and 20F - Research and Development are visited, in which only their own area labeled Elevator Hall is seen; if one tries to use a door to explore further in, a keycard will be required, though none is available. Battles occur against two elite security officers on each during the quest. Two elite security officers are encountered on 10F, and three on 20F.

Executive floors[]

The executive floors are seen during chapter 16, "The Belly of the Beast". These include 59F - Skyview Hall, 60F - Memorial Museum, 61F - Visual Entertainment Hall, 62F - Corporate Archives, 63F - Recreational Facility, 64F - Conference Rooms (skipping floors 65-68). 69F - Executive Suite is included, but not accessed until chapter 17.

These floors are navigated between using the Escalator Hall on each floor. At first, only the escalator can be taken to move between floors, though after obtaining a key from a collaborator in "Reconnaissance", the glass elevator at the hall can be used.

59F - Skyview Hall[]

The Skyview Hall is divided into two areas: the Skyview Lounge and the Skyview Hall, with the Escalator Hall located at the back. The Skyview Lounge is located south, and is entirely optional. Approaching it will commence a cutscene, and three non-player characters can be approached to overhear dialogue. In the center at the Skyview Hall, a holographic receptionist begins the quest "Playing the Tourist", and the Escalator Hall at the back is used to climb to the upper floors.

60F - Memorial Museum[]

Business Division Exhibit.

The Memorial Museum on floor 60 is visited for "Playing the Tourist". Past the Escalator Hall, it is divided into three areas: the President Shinra Exhibit, the Business Division Exhibit, and the Mako Energy Exhibit.

The President Shinra Exhibit is the first of three, and has nothing to interact with. In the back is a small room with a screen and video that must be watched to enter the next room. The Business Division Exhibit, located next, contains holograms of each of the Business Division exhibits that can be viewed: Heidegger and Scarlet's will play no message and will be described as being "under maintenance", Palmer displays a short message about his division, Professor Hojo's message insults the visitors, and Reeve Tuesti's message discusses the rail project.

Mako Energy Exhibit.

After the Business Division Exhibit is a hallway to the final exhibit, the Mako Energy Exhibit contains a model of Midgar. At the back is a staircase up to the Visual Entertainment Hall.

61F - Visual Entertainment Hall[]

Aside from the Escalator Hall, the only area is the Virtual Reality Theater. Inside, during "Playing the Tourist", an FMV cutscene plays, after which the story progresses.

62F - Corporate Archives[]

Corporate Archives.

Divided into 62F Lower Level - Corporate Archives, containing the Escalator Hall and the Corporate Archives - Lobby, as well as the 62F Upper Level - Corporate Archives, containing the Corporate Archives - Corridor and the Mayor's Office.

Mayor's office.

The player is taken to the Corporate Archives - Corridor on the Upper Level automatically for "A Helping Hand", and Mayor's Office is located here through a door (at the south end on the map). After a cutscene, both Domino and Hart can be interacted with. After talking to Hart and paying him 20,000 gil, he will give the EKG Cannon EKG Cannon.

Around the Corporate Archives - Corridor on both floors, several small, white robots can be seen; walking past them will lead to some dialogue with variants on "Mayor. Very best." for each. In the north end of the Corporate Archives on the Upper Level is a treasure chest with 3,000 gil.

63F - Recreational Facility[]

Urban Planning Division offices in the 63rd floor
Atrium in the Recreational Facility.

Offices (top) and the Atrium (bottom) in Floor 63.

Much like the Corporate Archives floor, it is divided into the 63F Lower Level - Recreational Facility and the 63F Upper Level - Recreational Facility on the map. The facility is visited during "A Helping Hand", and the quest "Reconnaissance" begins later.

On the lower level, past the Escalator Hall, the Urban Planning Division consists of a corridor from the Escalator Hall to the Food Court, with desks behind windows seen either side. The Food Court is the main area of the lower level, with several non-player characters. Approaching them will allow dialogue to be heard, and many can be interacted with during "A Helping Hand", though none of them are the Avalanche collaborator.

The upper level contains the Combat Simulator Lounge. This area contains both Chadley and the Shinra Combat Simulator, along with a bench, vending machine, jukebox (with Music discScarlet's Theme), and an item shop selling a large number of wears, including rare weapons, armor, accessories, and materia. In "A Helping Hand", in place of Chadley, the Collaborator can be talked to in order to proceed the quest.

64F - Conference Rooms[]

Directors' conference room

Conference rooms.

Visited during "Reconnaissance". Past the Escalator Hall is the Conference Area comprising the main area of the floor. The Laboratory Passage, known as "64th Floor - Hojo's Laboratory: Entrance" on-screen during a cutscene, is located west of the hall, leads up to 65F, and cannot initially be accessed until following Hojo for " Save Aerith".

The main Conference Area contains several rooms outside the main room in the center, one of which is closed, while the others can all be entered to find non-player characters inside. Several non-player characters are sitting on the benches in the kitchen southwest and around the area, while one labeled only "Shinra Employee" can be talked to just outside the bathroom southeast, but has very few lines of dialogue.

During "Reconnaissance", Cloud and Tifa can enter the duct at the top of the men's bathroom, leading to 64F Ceiling - Air-Conditioning Duct. This contains only the Ventilation Duct area on the map, and is visited briefly for the quest. Through the duct, the path leads to two forks, where at the first fork, only the left path can be taken to proceed, and along its path, two optional ducts can be viewed for some brief dialogue in the lower rooms. At the second fork, the path left contains the HP Up Materia HP Up Materia, and the path right leads to the quest objective.

Hojo's Laboratory[]

Contains two floors visited during both chapter 16, "The Belly of the Beast" and chapter 17, "Deliverance from Chaos".

65F - Hojo's Laboratory: Sublevel[]

Hojo's laboratory sublevel.

The Laboratory Passage is located in the northwest, a staircase from the lower floor, and contains a bench, vending machine, and a treasure chest with two antidotes. Past this, the Testing Facility comprises the main area, and is a series of hallways and chambers leading to a larger room south. In the northwest before a hallways is a chest with two remedies. In the north end, close to the Laboratory Passage, a chest contains two vials of celeris.

Aerith's room.

In the main area at the south, during "Operation: Save Aerith", the boss battle Specimen H0512 is fought. A bench is found in the top-left corner, as well as an elevator leading up to 66F, the main level.

The Specimen Enclosures is visited only at the start of chapter 17, and contains Aerith's room. A chest contains Aerith's Reinforced Staff Reinforced Staff Reinforced Staff chest in Aeriths room from FFVII Remake. At the start of "A Way Out", Barret, Tifa, Red XIII, and Aerith are located here; all can be approached for dialogue, though interacting with Aerith continues the quest. The later rooms of the enclosure can later be accessed; the second of these contains a moogle medal in a chest, while the last contains a tuft of phoenix down. At the end of the hallway, a chest contains a bottle of ether.

66F - Hojo's Laboratory: Main Level[]

Reached by an elevator from the Sublevel, the Main Level's primary area is the Central Laboratory, a wide space where enemies are fought in "Operation: Save Aerith" and later in "A Way Out". A staircase above it leads to the Control Bridge, with an elevator to other areas in the facility. During chapter 16, the Central Laboratory is mostly intact, but on return in chapter 17, it is damaged and contains rubble.

Divided into three areas: the Central Laboratory and the Control Bridge as the main On the east, when returning to chapter 17 in chapter select, the Employee Break Room can be entered. This contains a bench, a vending machine, and a hallway to the Combat Simulator area, which contains the Shinra Combat Simulator 3.1.6 with exclusive battles.

The Drum[]

Seen in chapter 17, "Deliverance from Chaos", the Drum is a secret research facility dungeon in which the "Find the Others" quest series takes place.

Top floors[]

Only visited in chapter 17, "Deliverance from Chaos", the two top floors are briefly visited for the final quests of the chapter.

69F - Executive Suite[]

Executive Suite.

69F is visited during "The Ominous Trail", in which the party must follow a purple trail of blood. It is divided into the Entrance and the Executive Lobby. Little is contained here, aside from a staircase up to the President's Office.

70F - President's Office[]

President's Office.


Visited in "The Ominous Trail", the foor contains the Executive Lobby as continued from the lower floor, the Executive Office at the center, and the Heliport at the back. Either side of the Executive Office are doors to the Heliport, a symmetrical area with a bench and vending. Several quests occur here, and during "The Showdown", a battle occurs against Rufus at the Heliport.


The Belly of the Beast[]

Deliverance from Chaos[]


Item Areas
Elite Security Officer Underground Parking - B1

10F - General Affairs
20F - Research and Development

Elite Grenadier Underground Parking - B1
3-C SOLDIER Operator Underground Parking - B1
Guard Dog Underground Parking - B1
Elite Riot Trooper Underground Parking - B1

In chapter 16, many enemies are encountered in the Underground Parking - B1 during "Bust Out of the Garage", but only for a one-time encounter. The quantity of enemies here makes this a good place to grind AP for Materia Materia by replaying it on chapter selection.


Item Shop[]

Shinra Building Item Shop from FFVII Remake.jpg

Located in the 63F Upper Level - Recreation Facility, the item shop sells weapons, Armor Armor, Accessory Accessory, Materia Materia, and Item Items.

Name Cost Stock
Potion 50 gil Infinite
Hi-Potion 300 gil Infinite
Mega-Potion 700 gil Infinite
Ether 500 gil Infinite
Phoenix Down 300 gil Infinite
Antidote 80 gil Infinite
Maiden's Kiss 150 gil Infinite
Echo Mist 100 gil Infinite
Smelling Salts 80 gil Infinite
Remedy 600 gil Infinite
Nail Bat Nail Bat ? 1
Hardedge Hardedge 2000 gil 1
Mythril Saber Mythril Saber 3000 gil 1
Big Bertha Big Bertha 2500 gil 1
Wrecking Ball Wrecking Ball ? 1
Sonic Strikers Sonic Strikers ? 1
Feathered Gloves Feathered Gloves ? 1
Arcane Scepter Arcane Scepter ? 1
Mythril Rod Mythril Rod ? 1
Cog Bangle 4000 Infinite
Geometric Bracelet 6400 Infinite
Supreme Bracer 6400 Infinite
Rune Armlet 6400 Infinite
Power Wristguards 800 gil Infinite
Bulletproof Vest 800 gil Infinite
Earrings 800 gil Infinite
Talisman 800 gil Infinite
Supernatural Wristguards 5000 gil Infinite
Survival Vest 5000 gil Infinite
Platinum Earrings 5000 gil Infinite
Timeworn Talisman 5000 gil Infinite
Star Pendant 1500 gil Infinite
Headband 1500 gil Infinite
Revival Earrings 500 gil Infinite
Healing Materia Healing Materia 600 gil Infinite
Cleansing Materia Cleansing Materia 1500 gil Infinite
Revival Materia Revival Materia 3000 gil Infinite
Fire Materia Fire Materia 500 gil Infinite
Ice Materia Ice Materia 500 gil Infinite
Lightning Materia Lightning Materia 500 gil Infinite
Poison Materia Poison Materia 1500 gil Infinite
Barrier Materia Barrier Materia 1500 gil Infinite
Binding Materia Binding Materia 3000 gil Infinite
Subversion Materia Subversion Materia 3000 gil Infinite
HP Up Materia HP Up Materia 2000 gil Infinite
MP Up Materia MP Up Materia 2000 gil Infinite
Deadly Dodge Materia Deadly Dodge Materia 600 gil Infinite

Vending machines[]

There are vending machines in the Shinra Building in the base game as well as in "Episode INTERmission" that sell all the sellable endgame stuff wares.


Base game
Item Areas
Ether Shinra Building - Perimeter

65F - Hojo's Laboratory: Sublevel

2 Hi-Potion Shinra Building - Perimeter
2 Mega-Potion Parking Garage - Section B
Moogle Medal 1F - Entrance (south half)

65F - Hojo's Laboratory: Sublevel

2,000 Gil Gil 1F - Entrance (north half)
Purple Pain Purple Pain 1F - Entrance
Iron Maiden 3F - Elevator Hall - Exhibition Hall Iron maiden treasure in Shinra Building 3F from FFVII Remake
3,000 Gil Gil 62F Upper Level - Corporate Archives
Music discScarlet's Theme Jukebox in the 63F - Recreational Facility
HP Up Materia HP Up Materia 64F Ceiling - Air-Conditioning Duct HP UP materia in the vent from FFVII Remake
2 Antidote 65F - Hojo's Laboratory: Sublevel
2 Celeris 65F - Hojo's Laboratory: Sublevel
Reinforced Staff Reinforced Staff 65F - Hojo's Laboratory: Sublevel Reinforced Staff chest in Aeriths room from FFVII Remake
Phoenix Down 65F - Hojo's Laboratory: Sublevel
2 Remedy 65F - Hojo's Laboratory: Sublevel
Episode INTERmission
Item Areas
Ninja Cannonball Materia Ninja Cannonball Materia B15 - Advanced Weaponry: Production Ninja Cannonball materia location from FFVIIR INTERmission
Steadfast Block Materia Steadfast Block Materia B15 - Advanced Weaponry: Production Steadfast Block Materia location from FFVIIR INTERmission
Skill Master Materia Skill Master Materia B15 - Advanced Weaponry: Production Skill Master Materia from FFVIIR INTERmission
Ribbon B14 - Advanced Weaponry: Maintenance Ribbon location from FFVIIR INTERmission
Volant Armlet Maintenance Facilities corridor Volant Armlet location from FFVIIR INTERmission
File:Djinn Staff from FFVII Remake icon.png Djinn Staff After fighting the first Armored Magitrooper Djinn Staff chest from FFVIIR INTERmission
ATB Assist Materia ATB Assist Materia Shinra Box Buster Basic Training 5,000 pts
ATB Boost Materia ATB Boost Materia Shinra Box Buster Basic Training 10,000 pts
ATB Stagger Materia ATB Stagger Materia Shinra Box Buster Basic Training 20,000 pts
Magnify Materia Magnify Materia Shinra Box Buster SOLDIER Training 10,000 pts
Gil Up Materia Gil Up Materia Shinra Box Buster SOLDIER Training 30,000 pts
EXP Up Materia EXP Up Materia Shinra Box Buster SOLDIER Training 50,000 pts
Time Materia Time Materia B13 - Advanced Weaponry: Development Time Materia location from FFVIIR INTERmission

Behind the scenes[]

The quest "Acquiring the Keycard" was added to utilize Tifa's agility in a set piece in which players can control her.[1]

Between taking the stairs and the elevator, 65% of players reported choosing to take the stairs, while 35% took the elevator.[2] To hear all incidental dialogue between the party during the stair-climb, the player may need to walk back down the stairs in some parts.



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