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The Shinra Bldg. is a field map in Final Fantasy VII. It is first visited during "Storming the Shinra Building" and "The Nightmare Beginning Anew" by a party of Cloud, Tifa, and Barret, with Aeris and Red XIII joining during the quests. Later, the dungeon is optionally revisited by the entire party during "Mako Cannon Rampage" amid the Raid on Midgar, during which the player can acquire items, including some new weapons.

The Shinra Bldg. is a dungeon with a variety of minigames and objectives across 11 different floors. The new Materia obtained here are the Elemental Materia, Poison Materia and Enemy Skill Materia. During the return Red XIII's Behemoth Horn, Tifa's Master Fist, Barret's Pile Banger, Cid's Grow Lance and Cait Sith's HP Shout (his ultimate weapon) can be obtained.



The staircase used if sneaking into the Shinra building.

The city entrance to the building is located in Midgar's Sector 0. Two methods of reaching the building exist—climbing up from Wall Market during "Storming the Shinra Building", and through the underground rail passage during "Mako Cannon Rampage".

The ground floor houses a help desk, a directory-like information panel, and doorways to the Exhibit Room. On the entrance's upper level, several bistro tables are available for guests.


The first three floors consist of the entryway and shopping area. On 1f., the front desks and two elevators that access all floors of the building are situated in the foyer. The doors on either side of the front desk lead to the Exhibit Room displaying vehicle models designed by the Shinra Inc., including the Hardy-Daytona motorcycle and a photo of the airship Highwind. Turtle's Paradise #2 is found in the first floor on a bulletin; this is a missable flyer as the Shinra Bldg. is only visited twice.

On floor 2f. is the Shinra item shop, whose video screen showcases various Shinra products, including automobiles. Interacting with the screen lets the player watch a promotional video on Shinra Motors' products. There is a treasure behind the shop, but the shopkeeper will not allow access during the party's first visit to the building. When revisiting in Part 2, the player can grab the treasure: Pile Banger weapon for Barret and Master Fist weapon for Tifa with a unique damage formula.

3f. has a set of elevators that grant access to the 59th floor, which it shares in common with the second floor.



A mundane, open area that has two sets of elevators (one leading back down to the bottom floors, the other that allows access to the higher floors) and access to the stairway. From this floor onward, special keycards are required to ascend the building.


Floor 60 is heavily guarded.

A "buffer" floor under heavy guard. Cloud and friends must sneak past unnoticed and getting spotted ends in a battle, after which the player has to try again from the beginning of the floor. If the party is caught four times, they dispose all of the soldiers. After getting Cloud across, the player needs to call the others over at the right time. For the middle section, the player should call as soon as the guards start walking to change positions.



The break area with a cafeteria for Shinra employees features numerous tables and a large tree in the center of the area.



The Midgar government office and Shinra research archives is separated into four libraries each categorized by an area of research conducted by Shinra. Mayor Domino's office is on this floor, and he helps the party by giving them his keycard, as well as an Elemental Materia if they solve his puzzle.


Opening a door on the 63rd floor.

Floor 63 is a multi-room storage area accessed through a security process that allows a single person to enter.

The player can get up to three items from this area on Part 1. Opening the first door on the top, and the third door from the right, gets into the first room with Coupon A. To get to the other room the player has to climb into the air duct to grab Coupon B. The player can then open the door blocking the middle room to get Coupon C. The computer in the room exchanges the coupons for Star Pendant, a Four Slots, and an All Materia. The player may also conserve the coupons for being unique items.

When visiting the Shinra Building in Part 2, the player can find the Grow Lance for Cid from this room. Curiously, the room in Part 2 also contains dummied out treasures in the other rooms, only found by modding the game. One room has two Megalixirs (although the game incorrectly identifies the treasure as an All Materia), and the other has two Hourglasses.[1]


Recreational area.

The Shinra Company recreational area includes a gym, a locker room, showers, restrooms, and a rest area for employees. The player party can find items in the lockers (Ether and Phoenix Down) and vending machines (can't be obtained until Part 2), run on the treadmill, and rest for free. During the raid in "Mako Cannon Rampage", the player can obtain Cait Sith's ultimate weapon from the locker area. It can be discovered earlier, but Cloud will disregard it. The player can spend 250 gil on the vending machine during the party's first visit to the Shinra Building, but it is jammed and fails to dispense. The player must bang on it, but won't get any items. When revisiting the Shinra Building in Part 2, the player can interact with the vending machine again to get a Speed Source and a Mind Source (only if they spent the gil and banged on it earlier).



The major feature of this area is the scale replica of Midgar, perhaps suggesting it is the headquarters of the Urban Development department. Players must find the missing pieces of the model to access the door to the next floor. Where the player places the parts matters for which chest opens next.


This floor contains the Shinra executive offices and board meeting room. The restroom leads up to the duct above the floor.


Science Department.

Floor 67 is the Shinra science department headquarters, ran by Professor Hojo. The floor also hosts several prison cells as well as a specimen containment unit that houses Jenova's headless body, an office for data storage, and elevators for personnel and specimen transport. This floor contains a Poison Materia.

Moth Slasher and SOLDIER:3rd appear on this floor before Jenova escapes, allowing the player to steal Carbon Bangles and Cloud's Hardedge weapon.



The 68th floor houses the science department's main laboratory. There is a specimen containment unit and a control room. This floor is where Red XIII is met, and has an Enemy Skill Materia and four Potions.


69f. is a short path with a staircase up to 70f., the topmost floor where the company president's personal office is, decorated with red carpeting. An access door leads to an open air balcony that overlooks the city of Midgar.


Main story[]

The party infiltrates the Shinra Bldg. is in the mission "Storming the Shinra Building". Cloud, Barret, and Tifa set off to rescue Aeris. The group can choose to storm through the front entrance or sneak in through the emergency stairs. After fighting through the building's top floors, they reunite with Aeris.

"The Nightmare Beginning Anew" starts immediately after "Storming the Shinra Building" and culminates in Cloud fighting Rufus and a Dark Nation alone, and Barret, Aeris and Red XIII facing a Hundred Gunner and a Heli Gunner in a long range battle. Afterward, the party flees the building to the Midgar Expressway.

Although not mandatory, the Shinra Bldg. can be returned to during the Raid on Midgar for items.

Turtle's Paradise flier[]

Turtle's Paradise #2 is found in the first floor on a bulletin. There are two chances to read it: During the first visit, and during the return when the party parachutes back into Midgar.

Floor 63 - Exchanging coupons for items[]

On floor 63, the player can optionally collect three treasures. The computer in the lower right room grants access to open three doors. To get the items the player must open up the right combination of doors. The player should first walk all the way up around the right and go left and open the first door that blocks the hall. The player should continue left, and open the second door below, grab the 'A Coupon' from the room to the left, and enter the air duct. At the other end the player can grab the 'B Coupon' and walk out and open the door to the last treasure, then crawl back in the air duct to exit.

The coupons can be exchanged for items. A Coupon gives a Star Pendant, B Coupon gives a Four Slots and C Coupon gives an All Materia.

Returning to Shinra Building[]

Shinra Building with the Meteor looming above.

When the party parachutes back to Midgar, the player has an option of returning to the Shinra Building and pick up new items that were not available earlier. The player needs to keep heading up in the train tunnels even if the other party members keep saying this is the wrong way. When the player arrives at the building, Cait Sith will run out, saying the Sister Ray is not located there.

The sixth screen of the emergency stairs has the Behemoth Horn, a weapon for Red XIII. The Elixir will still be on the fifth set of stairs if the player did not use the stairs on the first visit. If the player used the stairs on the first visit, the stairs screens may behave unintuitively; if the player climbs the stairs, but does not climb back down, and then were to climb the stairs from the bottom again, climbing Stairs 1 will skip six floors and go straight to Stairs 8. Therefore, to revisit Stairs 2-7, the player must travel downwards. Because players who enter via the stairs on the first visit will skip over the flight with the Behemoth Horn later in the game, this has led to widespread misinformation on how to obtain the Behemoth Horn, such as advising on not picking up the Elixir for the Behemoth Horn to appear.[note 1]

On the 1st floor, the player has one last chance to read the Turtle's Paradise flier No.2 on the bulletin.

On the 2nd floor item shop, the player can pick up the Pile Banger and Master Fist weapons for Barret and Tifa.

On 63rd floor, inside the room in the middle of the screen, the player can find the Grow Lance for Cid.

On the 64th floor gym, the vending machine gives a Mind Source and a Speed Source if the player spent money and banged on the machine earlier. Cait Sith's ultimate weapon, the HP Shout, is found in the last row of lockers, only collected during the Raid on Midgar.


Encounters Areas
Outside main doors
Floor 1
Floor 2
Floor 3
Floor 59
Floor 60
Floor 63 ("Raid on Midgar")
Floor 65
Floor 67 ("Storming the Shinra Building")
Floor 68 ("Storming the Shinra Building")
Floor 67 ("The Nightmare Beginning Anew")
Floor 68 ("The Nightmare Beginning Anew")
Floor 69 ("The Nightmare Beginning Anew")
Floor 70

Battles outside the main doors and on the first three floors are primarily against Grenade Combatants who throw grenades at the character with the lowest current HP. Though they are stronger than previously fought Shinra infantrymen, they are not powerful and can be defeated in a few physical hits. Mighty Grunts are fought on floors 2 and 3, as well as on floor 59. These are more powerful with greater HP and attack the character with the highest current HP, but will become more vulnerable after taking enough damage and losing their armor. The battles outside the main doors are only available on the player's first visit, until they leave the screen and return, and for floors 1-3, all battles are inescapable until the player reaches the 60th floor.

Mighty Grunts are fought on floor 59 first when the player fights the three Shinra guards, after which they are fought as random encounters. The floor 59 also has the inescapable battles glitch after this mandatory battle. On floor 60, they are fought if the player fails to cross the room unspotted four times.

Floors 63-65 have the Hammer Blasters and Sword Dance enemies (and on floor 63, they are fought if the player visits during the Raid on Midgar). Hammer Blasters hide from battle and become unable to be targeted, and can also confuse a character, are easily defeated by casting Bolt or with few physical attacks. Sword Dances can hit the whole party for mild damage, but have low HP.

On floors 67 and 68, during "Storming the Shinra Building", the player can encounter SOLDIER:3rd, Moth Slashers, or Warning Boards. SOLDIER:3rds can deal decent damage and inflict Sleep on a target, but are weak to Fire. The party can steal the Hardedge from SOLDIER:3rd, a superior weapon for Cloud not available in shops yet. Warning Boards will simply summon Machine Guns or Laser Cannons, and are immune to Lightning. Moth Slashers deal moderate damage, but are a great source of Carbon Bangles to steal.

During "The Nightmare Beginning Anew", on floors 67, 68, and 69, the Brain Pod, Vargid Police, and Zenene are fought. These are considerably more powerful enemies. Brain Pods attempt to inflict Poison or Sleep, but will take damage from Cure magic. Vargid Police have lower HP and deal little damage, but attempt to inflict Paralyzed, and if allowed to use their Suicide attack, can reduce a party member's HP to 3/16ths. Zenene will also attempt to inflict Poison, can deal considerable damage, and is a fast enemy, but is once again weak to Cure magic.

All encounters here are trivial in Part 2 during the optional return visit.


Name Cost
Potion 50 gil
Phoenix Down 300 gil
Antidote 80 gil
Eye drop 50 gil
Tent 500 gil

Date mechanics[]

There are multiple points where the player can accumulate affection points toward a date sequence in Gold Saucer later in the game. Although various sources will state otherwise, no affection points are given at the entrance of the Shinra HQ when deciding to bust through the front or sneak around the back.

When the party first meets Red XIII the player can either assign Tifa or Barret to look after Aeris while the others fight a boss. If the player chooses Tifa she loses points, and if they choose Barret he will gain points. Once the party splits up, if either Barret, Aeris, or Tifa are in the party they get a small boost.

Later while imprisoned, the player can either cheer up Tifa or not (as many times as they want), and choose whom to talk to first.

Behind the scenes[]

Solving the puzzle in the Japanese version.

The password guessing game is slightly different in the Japanese version where instead of picking a word of four letters, the player constructs a sentence, each made up of four kanji characters. In the English and Japanese versions the correct password is randomized, although ORBS and HOJO (and the corresponding sentences in the Japanese version) are never the correct answer. In the French, German or Spanish versions, however, MAKO is always the correct answer.

English Kanji Translation
So, what's the password?! 「合言葉は?」 So, what's the password?
BEST 市長最高!! Mayor-Aw(e)-Some!!
KING 神羅最低!! Shin-Ra-Aw(e)-Ful!!
ORBS 魔晄最高!! Ma-Ko-Aw(e)-Some!!
BOMB 市長爆発!! Town-Mayor-Explo-Sion!!
MAKO 魔晄爆発!! Ma-Ko-Explo-Sion!!
HOJO 神羅爆発!! Shin-Ra-Explo-Sion!!
Wait a second ちょっと待ってくれ Hold on a sec.


Unused data salvaged from the game disc reveals that Mayor Domino's puzzle was originally going to be more difficult, with 256 different possible answers. The player would have had to construct the entire sentence (or word in the overseas versions) themselves, instead of picking from six different options as given in the final game. Multiple different responses to wrong passwords are also found within the game data.[1]

In this more difficult version, Hart, Domino's deputy, would have had the option of giving out the password if the player paid him 70,000 gil. In another discarded scenario, if the player were to ask Hart hints until he had no more hints to give, he would be so fed up with the player's hopelessness he would give the party his own key card. In this version, the hints would have been much more costly, the price going from 2,000 gil for the first hint, 5,000 for the second hint and 15,000 for the final hint; doing this would still have been cheaper than paying 70,000 up front for the password, but if the player were to get the key card from Hart they would miss out on the Elemental Materia from the mayor. If the player were then to tell the mayor they got the card from Hart, he would be disheartened and reveal his own key card also doesn't allow access beyond floor 65, so the player may as well use Hart's key card. In the final version, Hart will just repeat his last hint if the player pays him again after hearing all the hints.

Additionally, the game has some books that exist in the game data, but which cannot be read. Confusingly, some of them are available in English that weren't in Japanese, and vice versa, and there are also books that are missing from both versions. Interestingly, Gast's full name was mentioned in one of the books available in the Japanese version, but is never mentioned anywhere in the English version.[1]




  1. This is due to a programming oversight, where a variable is held for the Stairs number used for the intermediate flights (Stairs 2-8). The number increases as players go up, and decreases as players go down. If the player were to start from the bottom again, this number does not get reset, and so climbing takes the player straight to the highest intermediate floor, Stairs 8. The same is not true when descending as the Stairs number variable is specifically set to go to Stairs 8 when traveling down from Stairs 9.


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