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Shinra's Bestiary

Info of Bahamut in Shinra's Bestiary.

The game's bestiary can be accessed by talking to Shinra onboard the Celsius. There are 131 monsters in total in the bestiary, though there are much more in-game. The bestiary is extended to 255 in the Final Fantasy X-2 Ultimania Omega. A chapter entitled 魔物事典 (Mamono Jiten?, lit. Fiend Encyclopedia) is the third chapter of the book.[1] Enemies from 256 to 306 are listed in the Final Fantasy X-2 International + Last Mission Ultimania.

Completing the bestiary in the Final Fantasy X-2 HD Remaster version earns the trophy/achievement Monster Master.


The following sections list the entries numerically as they are in the game's official Bestiary. Bosses are marked with a ☆.

Fiend EncyclopediaEdit

International / HD RemasterEdit

  1. Iron Giant (Fiend Arena)
  2. White Fang (Fiend Arena)
  3. Zalamander (Fiend Arena)
  4. Stalwart (Fiend Arena)
  5. Shell Shocker (Fiend Arena)
  6. Guardian Beast (Fiend Arena)
  7. Haizhe (Fiend Arena)
  8. Deep Haizhe (Fiend Arena)
  9. Hrimthurs (Fiend Arena)
  10. Protochimera (Fiend Arena)
  11. Chocobo Eater (Fiend Arena)
  12. YSLS-99 (Fiend Arena)
  13. Battlesnake (Fiend Arena)
  14. Barbuta (Fiend Arena)
  15. Vertigo (Fiend Arena)
  16. Adamantoise (Fiend Arena)
  17. Aquila (Fiend Arena)
  1. Barong (Fiend Arena)
  2. Tentacles (Fiend Arena)
  3. Balivarha (Fiend Arena)
  4. Spine Drake (Fiend Arena)
  5. Chocobo (Fiend Arena A)
  6. Chocobo (Fiend Arena B)
  7. Cactuar (Fiend Arena)
  8. Garik Ronso (Fiend Arena)
  9. Elma (Fiend Arena)
  10. Yaibal (Fiend Arena)
  11. Lucil (Fiend Arena)
  12. Kimahri
  13. Lulu
  14. Baralai (Fiend Arena)
  15. Nooj (Fiend Arena)
  16. Gippal (Fiend Arena)
  17. Brother
  1. Buddy
  2. Scarlet Goon
  3. Ebony Goon
  4. Violet Goon
  5. Almighty Shinra
  6. Seymour
  7. ???? (Tidus)
  8. Auron
  9. Major Numerus - Unum
  10. Major Numerus - Duo
  11. Major Numerus - Tria
  12. Major Numerus - Quartum
  13. Valefor (Fiend Arena)
  14. Ifrit (Fiend Arena)
  15. Ixion (Fiend Arena)
  16. Bahamut (Fiend Arena)
  17. Trema (Fiend Arena)


  1. Final Fantasy X-2 Ultimania Omega p.249 - 436
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