Shining In, Someday is a time-limited event where Zack from Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- can be added to Mog's group of warriors. This paralogue of the main scenario is located after Chapter 7.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Story Cutscenes[edit | edit source]

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It is recommended that you clear Ch. 7: Imber Manor before playing.

  • Yuffie: Geez, this rain just won't let up.
  • Mog: It's always raining here, kupo. My pom-pom is waterlogged...
  • Firion: I would welcome the rain, but it's bound to wear us down if it stays like this.
  • Tifa: We're all gonna catch our death out here. Cloud, let's go look for someplace—
  • Tifa: ...Cloud?
  • Cloud: Someone's here.
  • Tifa: Huh?
  • Cloud: I can feel it. Someone from SOLDIER.
  • Yuffie: Whaaa!? Who!?
  • Cloud: ...Over there!

(Cloud runs off)

  • Tifa: Ah! Wait! Cloud!
  • Mog: Everybody after him, kupo! We can look for shelter after!
Rained On:
  • Cloud: !? Y-you...!?
  • ???: Cloud!? If it isn't Cloud!
  • ???: Hm? But...where's this?

(The rest of the party)

  • Mog: Kupo! We caught up!
  • Tifa: Is that...Zack!?
  • Hope: He's dressed the same as Cloud. Does that mean he's also from SOLDIER?
  • Warrior of Light: That would seem to be the case.
  • Zack: Oho? That crowd back there all your friends?
  • Cloud: Y-yeah... That's right.
  • Zack: Hey, if it ain't Tifa, too! Long time, no see! All healed up?
  • Tifa: Yes...thanks to you...
  • Hope: It looks like they all know each other...but does something feel off to you?
  • Warrior of Light: The Torsions warp everything... Our memories, too. There must be some details that do not match up for the three of them.
  • Mog: That young man's will is as bright as can be, kupo! I sure hope he'll join us!
  • Zack: Huh? What's that fluffy thing? And what's this about my will?
  • Mog: Kupo! How nice of you to ask, kupo!
  • Mog: You see, this world is yada yada kupo kupo...

  • Zack: ...Seriously? Get out.
  • Cloud: Tifa and I both ended up here that way.
  • Zack: Really... Good grief. Never a boring day in my life, huh?
  • Zack: But hey, different world or not, I'm sure glad to see you again!
  • Cloud: ...Yeah, me too.
  • Zack: Uhhh, the fluffy guy... Mog, was it?
  • Zack: Sign me up! A mission that takes me the world over sounds like a blast!
  • Mog: Kupo! Just the words I wanted to hear, kupo!
  • Cloud: I'm in your debt again. ...Sorry.
  • Zack: Hahaha! Don't be so standoffish! We're friends, right?
  • Cloud: Thank you, Zack.
  • Zack: Heh heh... No sweat!
  • Zack: Okay, boys and girls, let's hit the road! Destination: Torsion! Woo, I'm all fired up!
Pride in Hand:
  • Mog: Kupo! Way to show those monsters who's boss, kupo!
  • Zack: Yeah! Let's keep it up!
  • Rem: If only the weather would clear up, it would do a lot for our visibility...
  • Vaan: I've got nothing against the rain, but it's getting old real fast.
  • Zack: Hey, what's with the whining, you two?
  • Zack: Oho? Well, would you look at that? A break in the clouds.

(The party arrives in a field with clear skies)

  • Mog: Kupo! The sun's so bright, kupo! And warm!
  • Tifa: Hard to believe it was pouring like that up till now...
  • Zack: As long as you keep looking ahead, the rain's bound to clear sometime. It's only when you give up that you hit the end of the line.
  • Zack: Whatever happens, protect your honor! Turn to face your dreams, and keep heading right for them!
  • Rem: Right. We've been able to keep this up because we have dreams we want to see come true.
  • Vaan: Zack's like your complete opposite, Cloud.
  • Cloud: (...Don't even bring that up.)
  • Zack: You've got it all wrong, Vaan. He may look that way, but Cloud's got a real passion hidden deep down in there.
  • Zack: He might be kinda awkward, or anxious around people...but there's no mistaking he's a swell guy!
  • Rem: Hehe... You two must be close.
  • Cloud: ...That's Zack for you.
  • Mog: I hope you'll motivate everyone with that positive attitude, kupo!
  • Zack: You don't need to tell me; I plan to!
  • Zack: We'll knock out anyone who stands in the way of our dreams, and protect this world! If we pull this off, we'll all be heroes!
  • Vaan: Heroes, huh... It's got a nice ring to it when you say it.
  • Cloud: sure about this?
  • Zack: Of course! We put our heads together, we can do anything!
  • Cloud: Yeah... I suppose you're right.
  • Zack: Come on, Cloud. Don't give me a wimpy response like that.
  • Zack: This is when you turn up the volume and shout, "Move out!" or something like that! Alright? Take two!
  • Cloud: ...If you say so.
  • Cloud: Alright, everyone! Move out!
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