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Shieldshears is an enemy in Final Fantasy XV fought in Cleigne, Duscae and during the Cranky Crustaceans hunt. It is a colossal crab fought near water, such as Malmalam Thicket, outside Greyshire Glacial Grotto and the coast of Cape Caem.


A freshwater shell-dweller found primarily in Cleigne. Manipulating its ponderous pincers requires the shieldshears to build burly muscle beneath its heavy shell, resulting in a succulent dish which many diners have heaped praise (and butter) upon.
Size: 12.73 ft. Weight: 2.56 t
A shieldshears native to the arid atmosphere of the Leide region. Its sturdy shell protects it from the dry desert heat and from hungry predators. Though it occasionally wanders away from the water, it inevitably returns to rehydrate from time to time.
Size: 13.45 ft. Weight: 2.97 t
A shieldshears situated deep within Daurell Caverns. The crustacean has adapted to the hostile climes by adopting a curious means of self-rehydrating in which water expelled gently from the mouth washes back over the body and is eventually reabsorbed through the legs. Unlike its superterranean brethren, this crab does everything in its power to avoid unnecessary conflict around the watering hole it calls home.
Size: 13.81 ft. Weight: 3.22 t


Cranky CrustaceansLongwythe Rest Area2
Red Hunt Icon.png
Shieldshears x3Longwythe Peak (All Times)183,160 gil, Megalixir★★


Lvl 18 Enemy


Lvl 70 Enemy


Shieldshears are weak to piercing weapons: spears and firearms, as well as ice. They resist fire and light. They use attacks that ignore the player characters' Vitality stat and appear in groups. They grab those in front of them with their pincers. They are slow-moving, but can pounce on the party (can be block/parried). They can be poisoned.


Attacking the shieldshears with their weaknesses makes short work of them. The player can throw ice-elemental elemancy at groups of them. Character-swapping to Ignis lets the player use ice-elemental dagger moves against them, and Ignis's Enhancement bestows an ice-elemental buff to Noctis's weapon, which is powerful especially if he's wielding a spear. Because the shieldshears are slow-moving, the player can easily run away from them to recover health and to get behind them to trigger blindside-strikes and blindside linkss.

Other appearances[]

Close Encounter of the Terra Kind[]

A Lv.32 version appears in the first battle at the broken warp pad. The player can scan it in Wait Mode to discover its HP and weaknesses/resistances. It is weak to polearms and firearms and ice, and resists fire and light. Only the first of these is relevant, as the player can't use magic or firearms during the event.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

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