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Gladiolus and Gilgamesh, two Shields of the King.

The bond a Shield shares with his king runs far deeper than that of a bodyguard and his lord. As a sworn protector of the crown, the Shield of the King must stand alongside his liege and shoulder the fate of the realm together.
Dossiers (Gladiolus)

Shield of the King is a title given to the Lucian monarch's main bodyguard. Three shields are known from Final Fantasy XV Universe, although it can be assumed each of the 114 monarchs had one. The current family line of Shields of the King is the Amicitia family, whose raptor tattoo symbolizes their servitude to the crown. The tattoo is for male line of the Amicitia, and is the credential of the King's Shield rather than a family crest, the family members get their tattoo when they become one of the shield.[1] According to the Final Fantasy XV: Episode Carbuncle Comic 13, one theory for the origin of the Shield of the King's bird tattoo is to honor Enkidu, a close companion of Gilgamesh, the first Shield of the King.[2]

The concept of the Shield of the King is explored in the DLC episode Final Fantasy XV: Episode Gladiolus.

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Gilgamesh is the Shield of the Founder King and remains in Lucis as a formidable warrior who tests the might of the Lucian warriors in combat, and claims the lives of those who are unworthy. Gilgamesh can phase, similar to the power of the kings of Lucis. When he phases, he leaves behind muted red holograms. As phasing is the power of kings, Gilgamesh's ability to do so may be linked to his role as the Shield of the Founder King, as kings are known to have lent their powers to those who serve them.

Clarus AmicitiaEdit

Clarus In Trailer

Clarus Amicitia.

Clarus is King Regis's shield, and Gladiolus and Iris Amicitia's father. Clarus is a member of Crownsguard, a group of soldiers usually tasked with protection of the Crown City and the Citadel, and thus, the royal family. He used to accompany Regis on a trip similar to the one their children would end up taking. He never sought to challenge Gilgamesh because he didn't want to abandon Regis.

Gladiolus AmicitiaEdit


Gladiolus shields Noctis.

Gladiolus is Prince Noctis's sworn shield, and has trained his whole life for this position. He wields a large shield in conjunction with his greatsword, befitting his role as the King's Shield. By tapping to Noctis's powers of king, he can dispel and conjure his shield at will. When he momentarily gains the ability to wield the royal arms as part of Armiger Chain, he also wields the Shield of the Just.

After being confronted by Ravus Nox Fleuret, he begins to doubt his worthiness of the title of the King's Shield, and seeks out Gilgamesh, the mythical Shield of the Founder King whose spirit is said to linger in the Tempering Grounds.

Musical themesEdit

"Shield of the King" is the main theme of Final Fantasy XV: Episode Gladiolus. It was composed by Keiichi Okabe, who also contributed an arrangement of Gilgamesh's theme titled "Battle on the Big Bridge (EPISODE GLADIOLUS version)".

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