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Shield Wyrm is a dragon/fell wyrm-type enemy in Final Fantasy XII found on the Cerobi Steppe and the Nabreus Deadlands. It gives an unusually high amount of EXP and LP for a regular enemy. It is also fought in the Zodiac versions' Trial Mode at Stage 67 along with Dheed where the Ring of Renewal can be rarely stolen from it.

Bestiary entry[]

Page 1: Observations[]

Being one of the most powerful dragons ever to roam Ivalice. Though nothing is known about the ancient beings who placed the ring on this wyrm's neck, it is clearly meant to offer some kind of magickal protection in battle, indicating that these dragons were once used as weapons of war. Nor is it known what these creatures were directed to attack, but surely it was something truly fearsome. In modern times, its nigh impenetrable hide has earned it the nickname of the 'walking fortress' among adventurers.

Page 2: The Town Crier[]

Hear ye! No other society is as difficult to penetrate as the Iron Stomach, legendary tasting guild. The competition for entry is fierce, and the trials required nigh on impossible to overcome. The trial for entry this year: submit the monster liver best suited to gourmet creations. It is thought that markets will soon be flooded with ring wyrm livers and the like, as everyone tries to guess just which creature's liver can make the judges' mouths water.


Cerobi Steppe

Nabreus Deadlands


The Shield Wyrm can catch a player off-guard, as it has a lot of HP for a normal enemy. Its Greater Barrier ability bestows Protect and Shell. It can use Restore to heal itself, but usually only uses it once and, on some occasions, not at all. It uses strong attacks and Level 3 elemental magick.


The easiest way to kill them is to use the Nihopalaoa + Phoenix Down trick. Using Death also works.

Keeping party members spread out and casting Shell or Reflect will reduce the danger of Shield Wyrm's magick. The party can also use Shell Shield and Ruby Ring. Slow, and Haste help the battle progress faster. Oil combined with fire-elemental/boosting weapons and magick can be effective if it is not raining. Additionally, Sleep can be used if all of the party are using magick. Dispel can remove the wyrm's Protect and Shell.

Due to the relatively rare loot available from the wyrm, it is advisable to try to chain them to improve drop chances. The best way to chain them is to run through Journey's Rest to Crossfield and Terraced Bank at the Cerobi Steppe. Most of the time there will be one Shield Wyrm in the center of Crossfield and two in The Terraced Bank, one near the windmills and the other a little bit north of there.



Wyrm is an alternative name for mythological European dragon. They appear mostly in Celtic and German mythology. They are depicted as flying, fire-breathing reptiles, with magical properties. The word wyrm is the original Germanic-based term for a serpent or dragon, draca being adopted from the Latin draco at an early time.

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