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Sherlotta is a minor character in World of Final Fantasy. She is a Grymoirian incarnation of Sherlotta originating from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time and is one of the two character representatives of that game, the other being the Undead Princess.




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Who's Who[]

CV: Stephanie Sheh / Marina Inoue
Age in Grymoire: Redacted by the, er, young lady in question
(Apparently, reeeally old)
Notes: Calm and composed due to age and experience / Has a menacing streak / Zero patience for foolishness / Runs an inn (but why?)
She's a Kitty?!
Wait, why can she change into a feline? In her own words: "Cats get around." Not the clearest answer, but it's all you're going to get.
Interesting fact! Sherlotta originally thought of Refia as nothing more than a stray cat she brought in from the cold. It's probably for the best that Refia never caught on...
The Grymoirian Sherlotta
Perhaps it's an unavoidable side effect of living as long as she has, but Sherlotta tends to be distant and uninterested in the world around her. If she hadn't sensed the goodness in Refia's soul, she might have just left the girl out to freeze. Still, once she decides someone is worth saving, that person is in good hands.
Perhaps Sherlotta has come to think of Refia as a daughter, but don't make the mistake of asking her. Can you imagine the thunder and the fury? "You idiot! I'm too young to be a mother!" And an angry Sherlotta is a fearsome Sherlotta indeed.
Inseparable Souls
If you're convinced Sherlotta and the Undead Princess were made to mess with each other, you might just be right. As with many Mediums and Champions who had close ties in their original worlds, some force seems to draw Sherlotta and the Undead Princess together no matter what world they're in.
Sherlotta's Secret
You may also be wondering who Sherlotta really is, and if her histoy here parallels that of the original. At least one thing is different: in Grymoire, she can change her form at will.
Then again, Reynn and Lann can change into Lilikin form. Mirages can transfig themselves. Even Enna Kros changes her appearance depending on the world she's visiting... Maybe the rules governing metamorphosis in the A-Worlds are pretty loose? Actually, let's drop that subject.
Sherlotta seemed hesitant to let Refia go into town. If you've played FINAL FANTASY CRYSTAL CHRONICLES: Echoes of Time, then you might remember her fussing over someone else who wanted to go into town. What has she got against towns, anyway?
First World of Origin:

Intervention Quests[]

The player can take on an Intervention Quest that centers around Sherlotta.

Sherlotta also appears in the following Intervention Quests.

Musical theme[]

"Prismelody: Sherlotta" plays while inside Sherlotta's Solace. It is an arrangement of the song of the same name from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time.


The following is a list of quotes uttered by Sherlotta when talking to her in Sherlotta's Solace.

Chapter 6
  • Normally, I would've charged you through the roof for that warlock's warmer. Just so you know.
  • Oh hey. I didn't expect to see you here. I can't tell if you're really busy, or really bored.
    Don't worry about me. If those freaks show up here, I'll have them crying uncle in no time.
  • Hey, don't expect me to help.
  • Good of you to come.
  • Oh, so you've met the undead airhead? Feel free to put her out of her misery whenever you want.
  • Would it kill you to loosen up those purse strings a little bit when you visit?



Sherlotta may derive from Charlotte. Charlotte is a French name, the feminine equivalent of Charles. Charles comes from the German Karl and means "strong and virile" or "vigorous".