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Sherlotta lives in the village with the hero. She seems a little different from the other villagers, and knows the forest more than anybody. She gives a crystal to the hero after the coming-of-age ceremony.

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Sherlotta is a 2000-year-old immortal girl in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time who has a connection with a mysterious crystal. She takes the form of a black cat that can transform into the appearance of her real body except for a new set of clothes and a tail.



Sherlotta has short light silver-pink hair with a large orange bow in the back that resembles cat ears and blue eyes. Her outfit gives her a distinctly cat-like appearance. She wears a black tube top with gold trim and an orange bow and silver bell with light pink ribbons in the center. She has a black choker with white trim and orange bows wrapped around each wrist. She wears puffy pink-and-gold striped shorts over black tights, and orange ballet shoes. She has a long black cat tail with a white tip.

In flashbacks, she appears younger with longer hair worn down and a short white dress with gold trim and a white choker.

She also appears as a small black and white cat with an bow and silver bell with yellow ribbons around her neck, like a collar.


Sherlotta is a very caring, affectionate person. She acts motherly towards the Hero and worries a great deal about him/her, having raised him/her since infancy. She also looks out for the other children in the village, though to a lesser degree as they have parents of their own. Her maternal tendencies also lead her to be very protective of the Hero; she readily risks her life to protect him/her. At one point, she says she would do anything for him/her.

Sherlotta has considerably less patience for other people. She's sharp-tongued and direct with the townspeople and is a bit proud, resenting the fact that the Hero has already become known as mature and capable so that the townspeople think that she is the one who needs to be looked after. She also has an odd sense of humor, finding it very amusing to have them believe she's the evil witch that supposedly lives in the forest. She can also be ruthless in dealing with obstacles and malevolent individuals. Although she doesn't display fighting skills in the game engine, she has no compunctions about accompanying the Hero into monster-infested areas.


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Early life[]

Sherlotta as she first appears when met by the Hero.

Sherlotta was a normal girl living in the Village. When the Crystal Core appeared in the Forest, the core fused with her heart and she was granted the power to create crystals. She was also granted immortality, along with a black-and-white cat belonging to Eryll.

Larkeicus later came to the village to take the Crystal Core. He and his monsters attacked the people and killed all but Sherlotta. She ran into the forest until she arrived at the Crystal Core. Larkeicus reached her but before he could harm her, the Crystal Core attacked him. Larkeicus was unable to take or even use the Crystal Core.

Sherlotta was captured by Larkeicus and used in Larkeicus's immortality experiments, along with being forced to create crystals for him to use. This treatment left Sherlotta unable to act on her own but she escaped by placing her consciousness in the cat who was granted immortality. In the cat's body, Sherlotta wandered the forest alone for 2,000 years until she found a baby in the forest, the young Hero of the story. Sherlotta manipulated the cat's body to look like a human body.

After taking the baby back to the Village, she discovered the villagers had reappeared due to the power of the Crystal Core. The old Village is abandoned and a new one is built, in which Sherlotta, along with the villagers, raises the Hero. The Hero catches the crystal sickness, and Sherlotta is the one to obtain the cure for the Hero. Sherlotta came back with the cure heavily injured. On the Hero's 16th birthday, Sherlotta begins to prepare in the Forest for the Hero's coming-of-age ceremony.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time[]

Sherlotta as a cat.

As the story begins, the Hero has a dream a girl is running from a strange man (Sherlotta and Larkeicus, though the Hero is unaware of this) and they find a crystal in the Forest. The dream is hinted to have occurred more than once. The Hero finds Sherlotta in the Forest after having defeated the first boss for his/her coming-of-age ceremony. Sherlotta gives the Hero a crystal, which the Hero "will treasure forever".

Sherlotta and the Hero come back to the village. Eryll comes to greet them, but is weak and collapses. She is carried back into the house and is diagnosed with crystal sickness. The hero looks in town for something that can cure Eryll. Eventually, s/he comes across a library and sees Larkeicus who says he can make a cure for Eryll for a small favor. He has to climb the peak of two mountains: the Fire Mountain and Ice Mountain.

Sherlotta's render.

The night after the Hero cures Eryll and does the requested favors for Larkeicus. Larkeicus's plans are put into motion, and the Crystal Core shatters. In the meantime, Sherlotta was watching the Hero sleep. As Sherlotta watches, she senses a disturbance. Two beams fly from the fire and the ice mountains, Sherlotta clutches her chest. On the following morning, Sherlotta and the villagers (except for Norschtalen and Eryll) are nowhere to be found, but the Hero sees the immortal cat when s/he leaves his/her house that morning, though at that point s/he doesn't recognize the cat.

When the Hero travels to the pond in the Forest where the Crystal Core usually is, s/he finds Eryll there. Eryll explains the Crystal Core shattered and instructs the Hero to find all of the Crystal Core fragments. After finding and returning the first fragment, the Hero is shown an scene from when s/he was little and had the crystal sickness. Upon returning the second fragment, another scene shows Sherlotta setting up the boss that is defeated for the coming-of-age ceremony. After the third fragment, s/he is shown a scene of the Hero as a baby, being named by Sherlotta, and the fourth fragment triggers a scene showing Sherlotta finding the Hero as a baby in the Forest. Upon returning the last fragment, the Crystal Core goes inside the Hero, and a new path in the forest opens up.

The Hero fights the coming-of-age boss again, and finds the Ruined Village. Sherlotta tells the Hero that 2000 years ago, Larkeicus came upon the Ruined Village and killed everyone except herself. Sherlotta explains the Crystal Core made her immortal, and she was bestowed with the power to create crystals. Everyone in the Village is a ghost except Norschtalen, Sherlotta, and the Hero. Norschtalen and the Hero are only able to see them because the Crystal Core lets them do so.

Sherlotta agrees to join the Hero in search of parts to add to a crystal transforming machine that the Hero obtained when s/he was in search of Crystal Core fragments. From then on, she joins the party as a non-playable character; however, she can't be interacted with or even seen aside from cutscenes and conversations with people in the Town, where, as the Hero discovers, nearly everyone they talk to has some sort of connection or is terrified by Sherlotta.

At the end of the Graveyard, Sherlotta finds the first part for the crystal transforming machine, but awakens the Undead Princess, who tells Sherlotta to leave the part. Sherlotta does not listen and the Hero and his/her party go into battle with her. When the Undead Princess is defeated, she is absorbed into the part, and, in the same fashion as Sherlotta, effectively joins the party as a non-playable character. The Hero and Sherlotta go to the library to find a clue about where the next part is.

They discover a book in the library that describes how to get to the Mine. Once in the mine they find the part, but when a giant lizard crawling around on the walls irritates her, Sherlotta throws the part at the lizard, and it becomes lodged in its back. Sherlotta blames the lizard and demands it "give that back!" The Hero is forced to fight the lizard to recover the part.

After the Crystal Staff is completed, Sherlotta and the Hero have to release power into the ruins at the top of Fire Mountain and Ice Mountain, as they have to supply the power to the gate that leads to the tower. At the top of the Fire Mountain, Sherlotta slams the Crystal Staff onto a pedestal and energy flows from the ruins into the gateway. The same exact sequence of events occurs at Ice Mountain.

The Hero, the Hero's party, and Sherlotta go to the gateway where Sherlotta creates thousands of crystals and uses the staff to build a bridge to the Tower, making her feel faint. After clearing the Gate and upon entering the Tower, Sherlotta warns the Hero the whole truth is about to be revealed, and cryptically tells the Hero s/he will need to do "just about the simplest thing in the world" for Sherlotta.

Upon teaching the top of the tower the Hero discovers there is another Sherlotta, who looks the same as she appeared in the Hero's dream at the beginning of the game. Sherlotta explains this Sherlotta is her, and reveals Larkeicus has been using her and how she has been living in the body of the cat. Sherlotta faces the Hero and asks him/her to kill her, because if she is not around to make crystals, Larkeicus cannot revive himself after he is defeated. Larkeicus comes out and tells the Hero and Sherlotta that it will not be necessary, because once he prevents the calamity that caused the crystals to vanish, he will not need Sherlotta anymore. He says he will kill Sherlotta himself.

Upon defeating Larkeicus, Larkeicus absorbs crystals from Sherlotta. After a second battle, as Larkeicus is talking about his inability to be killed, Sherlotta rushes at him, shouting a challenge. Larkeicus grabs her face with his claw and stops her in her tracks. He absorbs crystals from her. Sherlotta cries out in pain, and Larkeicus tosses her away, absorbing even more crystals from the true Sherlotta. The Sherlotta the Hero knows fades away to reveal the cat, indicating Sherlotta's consciousness is no longer in the cat's body. Larkeicus advances on the Hero, stating their turn to die is coming soon.

Before he can do anything the true Sherlotta grabs him from behind and holds him in place. Larkeicus is shocked, prompting Sherlotta to explain how she loves the Hero and would do anything for him/her. Sherlotta summons the Crystal Core to the Tower, and its presence hurts Larkeicus enough that he cannot move. Sherlotta tells him she has realized why the Crystal Core appeared and why she became immortal and received her power to create crystals. Sherlotta created the Crystal Core herself. With that, Sherlotta releases Larkeicus and approaches the Hero. She asks that the Hero shatter the crystal for her.

After revealing to Larkeicus his role in the disappearance of the crystals, Sherlotta announces it is time to come back to their "own age". Larkeicus slowly disintegrates into dust. Sherlotta tells the Hero goodbye, saying she has lived a long life and only knew the Hero for a fraction of that life, but she would not have given any of it up. After thanking the Hero, Sherlotta is assumed to have disappeared in the same way Larkeicus had and the Crystal Core is destroyed.

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Musical themes[]

Sherlotta's eponymous theme is titled "Sherlotta". Part of the theme also plays during the final boss theme titled "Last Battle".

Creation and development[]


Sherlotta is voiced by Marina Inoue in the Japanese version.

In the English versions she is voiced by Stephanie Sheh. She shares this voice actor with Airy and Praline à la Mode from the Bravely series.

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a Darklord[]

Ffcc-mlaad costume catdress.jpg

An outfit can be downloaded as extra content for 200 Wii Points that makes Mira appear as Sherlotta.

Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia[]

DFFOO Sherlotta.png

Sherlotta appears as a playable character.

Pictlogica Final Fantasy[]

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World of Final Fantasy[]


The proprietor of Sherlotta's Solace, a place of rest for adventurers who find themselves thwarted by the bitter cold.

Official website description

Sherlotta appears as a supporting character. She tends an inn called Sherlotta's Solace near the southern entrance of the Icicle Ridge. She was unfazed when she finds out that Lann and Reynn are Jiants, mentioning that Jiants have been rarely seen recently. She also gave fair warning about the Mirages in Icicle Ridge and offered the party Warlock Warmers to keep warm while venturing in the ridge with Refia.

Who's Who
CV: Stephanie Sheh / Marina Inoue
Age in Grymoire: Redacted by the, er, young lady in question
(Apparently, reeeally old)
Notes: Calm and composed due to age and experience / Has a menacing streak / Zero patience for foolishness / Runs an inn (but why?)
She's a Kitty?!
Wait, why can she change into a feline? In her own words: "Cats get around." Not the clearest answer, but it's all you're going to get.
Interesting fact! Sherlotta originally thought of Refia as nothing more than a stray cat she brought in from the cold. It's probably for the best that Refia never caught on...
The Grymoirian Sherlotta
Perhaps it's an unavoidable side effect of living as long as she has, but Sherlotta tends to be distant and uninterested in the world around her. If she hadn't sensed the goodness in Refia's soul, she might have just left the girl out to freeze. Still, once she decides someone is worth saving, that person is in good hands.
Perhaps Sherlotta has come to think of Refia as a daughter, but don't make the mistake of asking her. Can you imagine the thunder and the fury? "You idiot! I'm too young to be a mother!" And an angry Sherlotta is a fearsome Sherlotta indeed.
Inseparable Souls
If you're convinced Sherlotta and the Undead Princess were made to mess with each other, you might just be right. As with many Mediums and Champions who had close ties in their original worlds, some force seems to draw Sherlotta and the Undead Princess together no matter what world they're in.
Sherlotta's Secret
You may also be wondering who Sherlotta really is, and if her histoy here parallels that of the original. At least one thing is different: in Grymoire, she can change her form at will.
Then again, Reynn and Lann can change into Lilikin form. Mirages can transfig themselves. Even Enna Kros changes her appearance depending on the world she's visiting... Maybe the rules governing metamorphosis in the A-Worlds are pretty loose? Actually, let's drop that subject.
Sherlotta seemed hesitant to let Refia go into town. If you've played FINAL FANTASY CRYSTAL CHRONICLES: Echoes of Time, then you might remember her fussing over someone else who wanted to go into town. What has she got against towns, anyway?
First World of Origin:


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The following is a list of quotes uttered by Sherlotta when talking to her.

Sherlotta's Solace

Hey, don't expect me to help.


Good of you to come.


Oh, so you've met the undead airhead? Feel free to put her out of her misery whenever you want.


Would it kill you to loosen up those purse strings a little bit when you visit?

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Final Fantasy Trading Card Game[]

Sherlotta TCG.png

Sherlotta appears with a wind-elemental card.



Sherlotta may derive from Charlotte. Charlotte is a French name, the feminine equivalent of Charles. Charles comes from the German Karl and means "strong and virile" or "vigorous".