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The Shera's Commandos is an organization in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. It is an unit of elite soldiers in direct service of Crown Prince (later Emperor) Shera of the Zoldaad Empire to assist him with peacekeeping.

The unit's creation is featured prominently during The Gathering Story Event, and is later featured once more during the Conspiracy to the Throne Story Event which details the unit as Shera faces his coronation. It also adds on new members to the unit.

The unit itself was formed by Shera's right hand woman and assistant Amelia by recruiting capable people from different regions of Lapis. As such this unit's membership has people with no real ties or obligation to Zoldaad, but nonetheless stick to the job because the unit's opinion towards their lord, Shera, is remarkably favourable.

Story (Season One)[]

The precise time of the unit's formation is not known with exactitude although largely implied to have been formed during the internal strife of Zoldaad following the disastrous regime that befell when Dr. Lazarov arrived and manipulated Emperor Sozhe for his own goals, making Zoldaad insufferable, up to the aftermath of Sozhe's death leaving Shera to lead the nation.

Realizing his own powerlessness and requiring the help of capable people, Shera instructs Amelia to search for individuals with skill that can be trusted.

Amelia thus immediately departed to different regions of the world scouting promising prospects. The first one of them is Fohlen one of the few warriors who remains a Chocobo Knight despite the advancements in technology. Fohlen a noble warrior who concerns himself with the greater good rather than being rich himself is recruited by Amelia due to his capabilities and character, after he succeeds in retrieving pure water to heal a poor boy's family member for free and saving a fellow competitor, knowing that despite making money out of it, he too helped save people.

The second member to be recruited is Camille a courageous if often reckless mercenary swordswoman. Trying to make an earning she hears of trouble with a band of thieves which she decides to face by herself, much to the shock of informant. Amelia follows her and supports her from afar, but is surprised by Camille's strong sense of justice and strength in succeeding with the deed. She too is then asked by Amelia to go to Zoldaad for more promising job opportunities which Camille accepts.

The third member to be recruited is the Salve-Maker Ilias. Amelia takes an interest on him after she witnesses him restore a Pirate back to health as he Ilias just concerns himself with healing people rather than holding judgment. Amelia thus follows him thinking that some logistical support could be useful. As Ilias ventures a dangerous cave in order to find proper ingredients for medicine, Amelia supports him from afar knowing that Ilias has little combat prowess of his own. Succeeding in the task, Amelia than also directs him to Zoldaad, to which Ilias agrees knowing he can find plenty of people in need of healing.

Amelia then gathers the unit together in order to explain the meaning of "the gathering". The members thus agree to serve prince Shera and become his personal guard. Amelia dismisses the idea of being called captain but nonetheless sends the members on different missions.


The unit is first seen in the main story during the Gronoa chapter. When Rain's party begins to weaken due to the poisonous miasma surrounding Gronoa, Fohlen and Ilias being sent by Shera to assist them, find the party and Ilias restores them to full health with his medicine. A rather comical moment ensues soon after, making the two commandos wonder if they indeed saved Zoldaad.

The two of them accompany the party for awhile until Dark Fina senses the presence of the Dark Elf. They are witness to the Sage of Hess's monstrous destructive power and chase after him to defend the Dark Crystal from him. The party misleads the commandos in order to save them from danger. Realizing their intentions and with their missions achieved they leave Gronoa knowing that Jake can be trusted.

Camille who was sent on a separate mission is later seen Duggle Village where she interacts with the party briefly before being frozen solid along with the entire town by Veritas of the Frost (secretly Raegen in disguise). After the party successfully defeats the Frostlord she's thawed out.

Conspiracy to the Throne[]

The unit is later featured during the Conspiracy to the Throne Story Event which takes place between Season One and Two before the expedition to Paladia. Following the death of Emperor Sozhe it is the time for Shera's official coronation ceremony. However the crown prince and the unit are embroiled in a conspiracy to assassinate Shera by a group of antagonistic nobles led by Prime Minister Madal.

By tradition Shera is required to venture a dangerous cavern property of the royal family, along with a Guard and a Scholar in order to acquire a gemstone for his crown. Although he pretended to go with his unit, Madal suggests otherwise as a town (not coincidentally) in the opposite direction has been assaulted by thieves so the unit is required to deal with them. Shera agrees and thus takes the Guard and Scholar suggested by Madal.

Shera is thus introduced to Ozetta an official in recent employ to the Magitek Armor Squadron and an apprentice to the late General Wilhelm. Although she is strongly optimistic, she has little experience on the field. Shera does not mind, however, believing that everyone starts at one point.

Shera and Ozetta thus go to a nearby village where they are supposed to meet the Scholar. Amelia meets them in secrecy where she refers them to the "Scholar" although a brief moment of distrust between Ozetta and Amelia occurs. Shera meets the miner Riley who was also appointed by Madal. Riley is a mineworker with vast knowledge of the land and thus suitable for the job. Although he doesn't make much of Shera he makes a deal to with the prince to get gemstones for collection in exchange for his service. Shera agrees and the party ventures the cavern.

After finding the gemstone, they are ambushed by rebels hired by Madal in order to kill them. The bandits are overconfident on having Shine on their side (referring to Amelia), however, they are easily defeated. Subsequently they are trapped in a cave-in through a explosion.

At the same time the unit travels to the town while being correctly suspicious about second intentions by Madal, largely due to the timing of the mission along with the location. The unit is accompanied by Amelia (secretly Emilia in disguise) where they wonder about "Amelia's" different behaviour.

Upon reaching the village they are attacked by bandits hired by Madal, which confirms the unit's suspicions. The bandits are confident that with "Shine" on their side (referring to "Amelia") they can win for sure. However they are also defeated. Fohlen then using his Chocobo rushes to Shera's side to assist him, knowing on the danger on his life.

Shera's unit successfully manages to exit the cavern thanks to Riley's information and Ozetta's abilities to detect monsters allowing them to avoid danger. As they exit the cavern they meet with Fohlen who is surprised to see Amelia as he believed to have left her behind. Amelia promises to explain everything once both units gather together.

The unit gathers and are surprised to see not one but two "Amelias", where it is revealed that they are in fact a pair of twin sisters, Amelia and Emilia working together in order to thwart the plot against Shera. Emilia who is known by the alias of "Shine" in the underground was hired by Madal (believing her to be Amelia) to assassinate Shera. However, Amelia was able to "buy" her sister back by paying double for her assistance which Emilia teasingly claims to "love her sister" for. As such it is revealed that Amelia protected Shera while Emilia misinformed Madal. Shera informs the unit of his final plan to ensure Madal confesses his crimes by faking his death.

One day before the coronation, Shera is "murdered" by "Amelia" with Madal present and vowing to rule instead of Shera thus revealing him as the perpetrator. Shera then rises up showing that the knife to "kill him" was a toy and the blood a fake. Madal then tries to take advantage of the chaos in the castle (following a prior bombing) to kill Shera on the spot. Riley appears and shows the "bombing" was nothing more than a fake made up by his Noisemaker. In a desperate last attempt Madal gathers his forces and attempts a final strike at Shera.

The Crown Prince gives Madal one last chance to redeem himself, which he refuses and a battle between factions ensures with the Commandos winning and subduing the bulk of Madal's forces. Madal is thus arrested for treason.

On the day of the coronation a last attempt on Shera's life is done by rebel remnants, but they are thwarted by Shera's unit along with Jake who saves his brother from danger. With the threat repelled Shera is crowned Emperor.


The Shera's Commandos are made up for several members, all of them are acquired through Rare Summon (with the exception of Emilia which is an event-only reward) with different base rarities and roles. The members of the unit appear all together during Emperor Shera's (Shera's 5★ base rarity variant) Limit Burst where not coincidentally, its effects are a mix of all the respective Limit Burst of each member of the unit.

  • Amelia: The unit's "leader" and a 4★ base rarity unit. She's a physical damage unit who is proficient with Guns. She's a competent chainer and works as a pseudo-healer.
  • Fohlen: The unit's first recruit and a 5★ base rarity unit. He's a physical damage unit and adept with Spears and the Wind Element. He also has evasion abilities so he can be used as an evade Tank.
  • Camille: The unit's second recruit and a 3★ base rarity unit. She's a physical damage unit adept with Swords and uses both Water and Earth element. Highly sought due to her renewed chain abilities.
  • Ilias: The unit's third recruit and a 4★ base rarity unit. He's a support unit who specializes in restoring HP/MP, buffs and debuffs along with using items.
  • Ozetta: A recent addition to the unit and a 4★ base rarity unit. She's a Tank and works to protect one unit or serve as a Provoke Tank, she is overall a weaker, but still useful version of Wilhelm.
  • Emilia: Another recent addition to the unit and a 4★ base rarity unit. She's a physical damage unit adept with Daggers and can inflict status ailments. Unlike the rest of the unit, she's acquired purely as an event reward. Her alternate form Shine, can be acquired through Rare Summon, also as a 4★ base rarity unit, specializing on physical damage and evasion.


Commando is a soldier or operative of an elite light infantry or special operations force often specializing in amphibious landings, parachuting or abseiling.