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Shellra V
Shellra V.PNG
MP 93
Effect Enhances magic defense for party members within range.
Duration 30 minutes
Casting Time 6 seconds
Recast Time 19 seconds
Magic Type Enhancing Magic
Element Light
Jobs WHM 75 (Merit Points)

Shellra V is the strongest version of the original Shellra spell in Final Fantasy XI. Shellra V is not acquired from a scroll, like most White Magic in Final Fantasy XI. It can be purchased using 3 Merit Points by White Mages level 75 and higher via the Merit Menu. When cast, all party members in the targeted area of effect will have their Magical Defense increased significantly. With 1 merit, Shellra V reduces magic damage by 62/256 (~24.2%). Each additional merit upgrade increases this effect by 2/256 (~0.8%), making the maximum Magic Damage reduction 27.34% with 5 merits in the spell.