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Shellra in Final Fantasy XI.

Shellra (シェルラ, Sherura?) is a recurring White Magic spell in the series. It is often a White Magic spell serving as the second tier of Shell, which mitigates magic damage done to the target.


Shellra II from Final Fantasy XI.

Shellra serves as a second tier of Shell, appearing in Final Fantasy XI as a White Magic spell that caused the user to cast Shell on multiple party members around themselves, raising magic defense. Due to the series opting to use the -ga suffix for second tier magics, Shellra has often been replaced with Shellga.

Despite sharing similar English names, the Shellra spell from Final Fantasy XIII is a separate spell in Japanese, being known as Shellda (シェルダ, Sheruda?), utilizing the -da (, da?) suffix.

In addition, some titles have featured unique or alternate upgraded forms for Shellra:

  • Shellra II - Shellra V (シェルラII - シェルラV, Sherura II - Sherura V?)- Upgraded forms of Shellra that exclusively appear as White Magics in Final Fantasy XI. Due to the -ra and -ga tiers in the title being used exclusively for signifying area-of-effect versions, Shellra's upgrades instead use Roman numerals for stronger tiers. Each version casts an upgraded form of Shell on all targets surrounding the caster; e.g., Shellra II casts the Shell II spell on the targets.


Final Fantasy XI[]

MP 18
Effect Enhances Magic Defense
Duration Varies
Casting Time 3 seconds
Recast Time 15 seconds
Magic Type Enhancing Magic
Element Light
Jobs WHM 17

Shellra is a Enhancing Magic spell that provides the effect of Shell to all party members within range. It is learned by White Mages at level 17. The spell takes 3 seconds and 18 MP to cast. It may be used once every 15 seconds. Several upgraded versions are also available.

Final Fantasy Grandmasters[]

Shellra was a White Magic ability usable when equipped with the Mana Wand or Shellra Wand clubs. When used, it bestowed a small increase in magic defense for all allies for a duration of 30 seconds

Final Fantasy Agito[]

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Pictlogica Final Fantasy ≒[]

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