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The Shelling is a species of enemy and a specific enemy in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift.

They are protected by extremely durable hides that make them very resistant to physical attacks. While not very agile or resistant to status effects, these tortoises know several very debilitating skills, such as the equipment-destroying Munch. Magic and debuffs work wonders against them.


FFTA2 Great Tortoise.png
Great Tortoise

A hard, thick shell protects this beast. It often attacks by ramming its ponderous bulk into foes.

Rocktitan FFTA2.png

Rocky protrusions cover the shell of this immense tortoise.


The adamantitan crushes prey between its steel-like jaws.


No sword can pierce the shell of the toughskin, though many have been lost in the attempt.


Monster Move Jump Evasion Resilience Weak Half Null Absorb
Great Tortoise 3 2 0 35 Air Earth
Rocktitan 3 2 0 35 Air Earth
Adamantitan 3 2 0 35 Air Earth
Toughskin 3 2 0 35 Air Earth


Shell Crush[]

Shellings crush enemies with their rock-hard carapaces.

Ability MP Range Great Tortoise Rocktitan Adamantitan Toughskin
Limit Glove* 4 1 Yes No No No
Deals 999 damage to one target with 100% Accuracy if user's HP is in single digits.
Matra Magic* 22 3 Yes No Yes No
Switches one target's HP and MP.
Headbutt 1 Yes Yes No Yes
Damages one target and inflicts Immobilize.
Sonic Spin Adjacent tiles Yes No Yes Yes
Damages surrounding units.
Rain of Stone 18 4 Yes Yes Yes No
Deals Earth damage to units in an area.
Munch 1 No No Yes Yes
Destroys target's weapon, shield, or body armor. Hit Rate varies on targeted equipment.
Resonate All units No No No Yes
Inflicts Disable on all units equipped with a Knife, Sword, Blade, Saber, Knightsword, Greatsword, Broadsword, Katana, or Axe.

*Denotes a Blue Magick skill.