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The Shella Caravan is a group of Yukes who are the Crystal Caravanners from Shella in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles.


  • Amidatty - A male Yuke who is the leader of the Caravan. He is a researcher who during his travel is trying to uncover the truth behind the Miasma. He has a devoted girlfriend from Shella named Eleanor.
  • Yufina - A female Yuke.
  • Bessamzan - A male Yuke.
  • Leonamiel - A female Yuke.


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When the Tipa Caravan first runs into the Shella Caravan, Amidatty will ask for you to trade an item for an item. The next meeting, the caravan will offer to educate you about monsters for 10 gil. These two meetings will then repeat at random intervals throughout the game.

Later they will be seen giving a ride to Gurdy, who swindles Amidatty and the Shella Caravan into buying a loaf of Bannock bread, saying it is a scale model of the world. Although Gurdy was trying to trick them, Amidatty knows it is a loaf of bread and compares it to the world. Over time, mould appears on the surface of the loaf and Amidatty compares this to the miasma that covers the world. In the end, the player is given the choice as to whether or not they agree with his theory.

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