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Normal: "A fiend with a shell said to consist of the hardest material in Spira. This fiend is only half-grown, but it's impossible to defeat in a fair fight."
Oversoul: "Quick to Slurp its attackers and force a change of dresspheres. Then it strikes while they toddle around in gooey despair. This one's a real slimeball."


The Shell Shocker is an enemy from Final Fantasy X-2. Despite its comparatively large HP and Defense, it is a very easy enemy to defeat. Its sole physical attack deals fractional damage equal to 31.25% of the character's current HP, meaning it cannot kill that character. It becomes more dangerous when Oversouled however, as it gains the ability to use Demi and Slurp. Demi cannot kill characters, but Slurp can.

Fiend Arena

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