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FFVI Shell status

Shell is a status in Final Fantasy VI. A character with the Shell status will have magical damage reduced by approximately 1/3, except for defense-ignoring attacks. This status can be removed with Dispel spell, and it is also removed at the end of battle.

Due to a bug, if the Force Shield is equipped mid-battle, instead of granting Shell, it will instead give immunity to Shell.


Spells Mighty Guard, Shell
Summons Zona Seeker

In addition, the following will put the wearer under Shell, permanent or not:

Enemy abilities[]

Ability Description Enemy
Green Cherry Grants Protect, Shell, Haste, and Regen to one target. Yeti
Mighty Guard Grants Protect and Shell to all allies. Mover, Guardian, Dark Behemoth
Shell Grants Shell to one target. Level 70 Magic, Cherry, Moebius, Gilgamesh, Kaiser Dragon


The following are immune to Shell:

Kefka (Final), Lady, Power, Rest

The following have Shell automatically applied to them:

Exoray, Mousse, Deathgaze, Goddess