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But it's not about defeating Sin! The teachings of Yevon must be upheld.

Shelinda on use of Machina in Operation Mi'ihen

Shelinda is a non-player character in Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2, who is a devout but naive follower of Yevon. According to the Final Fantasy X Ultimania Omega, Shelinda is 19 years old during Final Fantasy X.



Shelinda in-game.

Shelinda has brown hair with green hat adorned with white cones at each side with gold spheres and white-and-light blue strings. She wears a white blouse with yellow-and-red cuffs, and a green outfit with dark blue-and-orange belt-like material around her waist; the dark blue part is adorned with yellow ornaments. A white-and-back strip with varied designs overhangs from her breasts and she wears brown shoes.


Yes, the chaos in the temples is worse than I'd imagined. It's horrible! And all the priests do is blame each other. I worry what will become of Yevon. But no! I must be the rock that stands against the swirling tides, right? Lady Yuna, I must tell you, your courage has been a great inspiration to me.

Shelinda speaking to Yuna upon the party's second visit to Bevelle.

When Yuna first encounters Shelinda, she is a young acolyte devoted to Yevon and its teachings. Like the religion she professes, she is against usage of mechanical weapons. She sees herself as a weak and unnoticeable person, but the words she hears from the young summoner change her attitude and she decides to help the Crusaders despite their actions going against Yevon's teachings. When Yevon begins to tear itself apart, Shelinda sees herself as the "rock that stands against the swirling tides", but later on decides to find her own path in life.

She can be seen as a parallel of Yuna as in the beginning: she is devoted to Yevon, but as time passes, notices it only limited her.


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Final Fantasy X[]

Yuna's party meets Shelinda in Mi'ihen Highroad.

When the party first meets Shelinda on the Mi'ihen Highroad, she is trying to convince the Crusaders to stop their operation to defeat Sin, but nobody listens to her. Yuna encourages her to continue for the benefit of the people of Yevon. The party meets her again in Rin's Travel Agency and the Newroad North area. If Tidus enters this last site without riding a chocobo, he will watch Shelinda get knocked off her chocobo.

Later, Shelinda appears on the Mushroom Rock Road feeling crestfallen for not stopping the operation, but offers to heal the party and use what little White Magic skills she has to help the troops. After the Operation Mi'ihen, she is aiding soldiers and is relieved to find the party is safe, but writes off the Crusaders' deaths, claiming it's what they get for disobeying Yevon.

Shelinda appears in Guadosalam, where she informs the party that Maester Seymour has left for the Macalania Temple. Just after Guadosalam on the Thunder Plains, she says she has heard rumors that Yuna and Seymour are to be married. Shelinda makes it to the Macalania Temple, and responds to the rumors of the supposed betrothal, but appears to have left by the time the party confronts Seymour.

"Captain" Shelinda.

After the party defeats Yunalesca, Yuna and her guardians find Shelinda was promoted to captain of the guard in Bevelle as Yevon has fallen into disarray. Kept in the dark about Mika being an unsent, and tricked into thinking the party had not met him, Shelinda agrees to help them spread the word to people to sing the "Hymn of the Fayth" to deal with Sin. After Sin's defeat, Shelinda rejoices with the rest of Spira.

Final Fantasy X-2[]

Shelinda in Luca.

After the defeat of Sin and the coming of the Eternal Calm, Shelinda tried to help the temples, but being constantly ordered around led her to quit. She came to Luca, becoming a reporter for a local Sphere broadcast station. She interviews Yuna and the Gullwings while announcing the upcoming Sphere Break tournament, later telling her story to YRP with Rikku and Paine pointing out the irony that Shelinda took another job where she is still ordered around. In Chapter 4, she can be seen on the CommSphere in Luca interviewing various citizens.

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