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Sheep is a genus of enemies in Final Fantasy XI.

Sheep are gentle herbivores that graze endlessly on any vegetation, often paying no heed to wandering adventurers. Almost all sheep are passive and will never attack unless threatened, although the Quadav seem to have bred an aggressive strain of sheep. When engaged in combat, sheep possess little in offensive abilities compared to their larger, more dangerous relative, the ram. One notable ability is their Sheep Song that quickly puts to sleep any in range who hear it. This makes them dangerous to inexperienced groups, since the sheep can pick them off one-by-one. For the most part, these fuzzy animals are often left alone or domesticated for their fur, meat, and milk.

All sheep are rather diminutive in size but share the same essential appearance. The sheep found in the empire of Aht Urhgan are of a different color but often infested with the parasitic chigoe. These sheep are often used to pull along carts for the rat-like Qiqirn in Nashmau.

The most obvious product from sheep would be their skins. Either turned into leather for an almost endless array of uses, or transformed into wool for weavers to make even more armor, though mostly for mages. Their meat is a common ingredient in cheap, yet hearty, meals or quick snacks, like jerky, while the milk can be mixed with several fruits to make a delicious au lait. Lastly their flat, broad teeth can be worked into various items by bonecrafters. With so many reasons to be hunted, it almost makes one think that the sheep should fight back harder to keep itself in one piece.


Karakul - Karakul are a sub-species of Chigoe-infested Sheep found in Aht Urhgan areas.

Beastmaster Pets[]


  • Baa
  • Mee

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