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I'll crush everything that causes you grief. That's what I swore when I joined AVALANCHE.


Shears is a character in Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-. He is a powerful field leader of AVALANCHE and second strongest member of the organization in physical terms (second only to Elfé); he has excellent hand-to-hand combat skills and often takes charge of executing operations and formulating battle strategies. Strength-wise, Shears can easily defeat Reno and Rude alone, but cannot defeat them when they work together. His language is coarse and vulgar, often using curse words.


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Shears's parents were killed by Shinra, and so he dedicated himself to destroying them. He became the leader of an army of one hundred bandits. One day, Elfé and Fuhito were walking down the road, when they were confronted by Shears and his army. Elfé managed to defeat them, and gave Shears the opportunity to join AVALANCHE, to which he accepted.

Shears became devoted to Elfé, though he and Fuhito were decidedly not fond of one another. Despite their differences, the three worked together to destroy Shinra, attacking in numerous places and wrecking havoc across the Planet. Elfé slowly weakens due to the Zirconiade Materia embedded in her hand. Fuhito does not seem to care, so Shears leaves AVALANCHE to try to save Elfé with the Turks, lead by Elfé's father, Veld. Together they try to find the four support Materia for Elfé's Zirconiade Materia so as to save her and the world from Fuhito's insane plans. Shears eventually sacrifices himself to save Elfé.

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Shears is fought as a boss in Chapters 1, 10, 11, 14, and 17.

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