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Sniper command. Strike at foe's gear, gil and life.


Sharpshoot (狙撃, Sogeki?) is the action ability for the Sniper in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.


Skill Equipment AP Power Range
Doubleshot Twin Bow 300 As Weapon As Weapon
Attack twice in quick succession.
Beso Toxico Cranequin 200 As Weapon As Weapon
Touch as gentle as a kiss. Poison target.
Death Sickle Hades Bow 300 As Weapon
Sweeps out to afflict doom with horrid speed.
Conceal Windslash Bow 100 Self
Turn transparent until you next take action.
Doom Archer Max's Oathbow 300 As Weapon
Deals archer's lost HP worth of damage to HP & MP.
Cannot be used without a Bow or Greatbow.
Aim: Armor Fey Bow 300 As Weapon
Shot aimed to destroy armor worn by target.
Aim: Weapon Master Bow 300 As Weapon
Shot aimed to destroy weapon held by target.
Aim: Wallet Hunt Bow 200 As Weapon
Shot aimed at wallet. Big payoff if it hits.


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