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Shantotto is a non-player character from Final Fantasy XI who is fought on two occasions. The first is as one of the Final Bosses of A Shantotto Ascension, and the second is as a boss in the special battlefield Heroine's Combat.


Project - Shantottofication

Heroine's Combat


Project - ShantottoficationEdit

And the Holy Shantotto Empire shall shine forever more.
If it's not to your taste, we'll gladly show you the door.

Shantotto is one of the two final bosses of the A Shantotto Ascension add-on scenario in Final Fantasy XI. She is fought alongside D. Shantotto in the mission battlefield Project - Shantottofication. Shantotto is actually Belle Shantotto, the light half of a Shantotto from a parallel dimension, and together with her dark half Domina Shantotto, aim to unleash the Shantottofication curse to take over the world.

Shantotto wields a staff and is capable of using staff weapon skills. She also has access to a very wide repertoire of Black Magic spells and some White Magic spells which she will frequently cast with considerable speed. She can also cast Meteor below 10% HP. At less than 50% HP, Shantotto gains access to her strongest ability, a powerful area attack called Divine Malison which also inflicts silence, disease, dia and stun.

She is capable of going into temporary rage at 75%, 50%, 25% and 10% HP. During this time, she gains a massive defense boost and auto regain and will call D. Shantotto to skillchain with her. She cannot be defeated whilst still in rage mode - she will take 0 damage at 1% HP until her rage wears off.

It should be noted that players can gain special buffs for themselves whilst attempting this battlefield. With the complete set of enhancements, they can boost their primary stat attributes and elemental resistances (except for light and darkness) by 150, as well as triple their maximum HP and MP counts.

Special AbilitiesEdit

(used below 50% HP)

  • Divine Malison: AoE damage, dia, disease, silence, stun

Heroine's CombatEdit

Hello my dear students, the class has begun.
I'm your teacher, Doctor Shantotto, and this is Pain 101.

Shantotto is a battlefield boss that may be fought in the special battlefield Heroine's Combat. This battlefield may only be accessed if a member of the players party has a Martial Ball Invite.

Of the four possible opponents in this battlefield, Shantotto, Prishe, Curilla and Ayame, a random pick of two of them will be present at the start of the battle, with a third one joining the battle once one of them is defeated. It is thus possible to not fight Shantotto at all.

This battlefield is capped at level 60 and restricts the use of support jobs.


The music that plays in this battlefield is "Feast of the Ladies", which is featured in disc one of Final Fantasy XI Original Soundtrack - Plus. This track was also used in the trailer for A Shantotto Ascension.


  • The first battlefield was introduced in the November 10, 2009 Version Update. The level cap then was 75. The second was originally available only at live events and first appeared in Vanafesta 2006, at the Tokyo Game Show. The item needed to access the battlefield can now also be won in the Mog Bonanza.
  • Shantotto is named as such in this battlefield because up to this point in the story, she is assumed by everyone in the story to be the original Shantotto.
  • Even with the massive stat bonuses granted for this battlefield, it was a considerable challenge to take on at level 75.
  • Upon defeating Shantotto, the real Shantotto reveals that the player had only been fighting a copy. As such, there is still no instance in Final Fantasy XI where players get to fight the real Shantotto.