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For my... reason to live.

Shalua Rui, when Vincent asks what she is searching for

Shalua Rui is a non-playable character from the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII. Born in 1986, she works for the World Regenesis Organization (WRO) as both a soldier and a scientist. Through her work with them she lost not only her left eye and arm, but several internal organs, which have been replaced with biomechanical parts.

She has a prosthetic arm, which serves as her life-support system. Despite her disabilities, she is an able marksman, and wields a pistol as her weapon. She is voiced by Yuu Asakawa in the Japanese version of Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-, and by Kim Mai Guest in the English version.



Shalua has a mechanical left arm, which begins just below her shoulder and terminates in a gloved hand. Her left eye is permanently closed from damage. Her remaining eye is blue and she wears oval glasses. Shalua keeps some of her long, red hair in a high ponytail, leaving bangs to frame her face and lower sections free to hang over her shoulders. She wears a lab coat over her shoulders both sleeves empty, over a purple, blue and black two-piece consisting of a cropped vest with straps that cross over her chest, and a thigh-length miniskirt with a separate purple section that wraps loosely round her thighs diagonally and is held to the front of the skirt by criss-crossed blue straps. Blue T-strap heels complete the outfit, along with her WRO badge, which is on the left side of her lab coat.


Shalua cares for her younger sister and is determined to save her. Her devotion to see her sister safe leaves her open for manipulation from those who would exploit it as her weakness. She begrudges Avalanche, as working for the terrorists under the belief that they would help her save her sister was what led her being injured.


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Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-[]


Shalua appears in Episode 21 in Corel Prison, injured, starving, and in need of water. The player Turk attempts to help, but Shalua refuses the offer. She tells the player she is searching for her sister, Shelke, who had been taken by the Turks to be a SOLDIER candidate. Shalua had joined with Avalanche because she thought it would help get her sister back, but she found the organization too twisted under Fuhito to continue working for them. At some point under Avalanche, Shalua was seriously injured, but was saved by underground doctors. She briefly helps the player Turk, but then leaves, promising to never forgive Avalanche.

Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-[]

When Vincent Valentine meets Shalua in Edge she only reveals that she works for the WRO and hopes finding her "reason to live", later revealed to be her little sister, Shelke, who had been taken by Shinra ten years prior. She continues her search despite many (including Reeve Tuesti) saying her search may be hopeless.

Shalua is reunited with Shelke.

When Shalua finally finds Shelke she is devastated to find her corrupted by Deepground, turned into a heartless soldier. Their reunion is short-lived when Deepground attacks the WRO's headquarters. Azul the Cerulean fights his way into the medical center, and attempts to kill Shelke due to Deepground now deeming her a liability and having outlived her usefulness. Guilt-ridden for not being able to save her sister sooner, Shalua sacrifices herself so that they can escape. Her act of heroism results in serious injuries and Shalua falls into a coma. She is later recovered by the WRO, but their scientists are unable to help her. With no other options, she is put into a capsule in the Shera's medical ward, with hope that she would be able to be revived later.

Shalua in the capsule.

Her spirit appears before Shelke when the latter is captured by Nero the Sable. Shalua asks her sister if it would be alright if she returned to the planet. Their time together is short, as Shelke is rescued by Vincent. During the Battle of Midgar, the Shera takes a direct hit, and Shalua's capsule is lost and lands somewhere in the ruins of Midgar where she remains, not yet having returned to the planet. It is unknown as to whether she survives or not.

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Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Trading Card Game[]

Shalua appears in Final Fantasy Trading Card Game as Ice-elemental backup cards.



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