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I long for a day when we might be able to bask in the sun's golden rays, but nary a beam of light penetrates the thick clouds that envelop the city.

Kingdom Citizen

Shakara (シャカラ, Shakara?) is a city in the Rilochy Province in Final Fantasy Type-0. It is located on a hill in the southwestern corner of the province. It becomes available in chapter 7. It is perpetually shrouded in cloud and rain.


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A common stopover on pilgrimages to the royal capital, Mahamayuri, many merchants have settled in Shakara in hopes of peddling their wares to travellers. Shakara is the place where Lady Celestia's son Claudio Tonogiri Misca Sancest gives his life to protect the Kingdom of Concordia when the Dominion of Rubrum stages an all out attack on the kingdom.

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Young phoenix, I am in need of your aid. Most Concordians would think it foolish to entreat the enemy. However, a merchant's allegiance lies not in country, but in gil and gil alone. As it were, I am unable to restock due to the ever-multiplying bombs surrounding the city. Should you vanquish the monsters, I will reward you handsomely. Do we have a deal?


Ametsuchi asks the cadets to get rid of the bombs around Shakara, so he can restock his items in Boom or Bust. The cadets must kill 10 Bombs in the plains of Rilochy to earn a Blaze Armlet as a reward.

Anatidus' Crystal[]

There is a woman down the ramp from the entrance who speaks of gemstones. There is a woman up the ramp the opposite site who talks about her son. Having her talk about her son four times has her mention a gemstone, and talking to her a fifth time has her mention she dropped it somewhere. Talking to the man walking alongside the middle of the village and the ramp with the woman who talks about her son, now has him mention he had found a gemstone but had sold it to someone he can't remember. Talking to the man up the final ramp has him bragging of a new piece of merchandise he would part with for 20 Hi-Potions. Giving him the Hi-Potion yields l'Cie Anatidus' Crystal.


Our shop is open every day, all day, rain or shine... Of course, 'shine' is a rather foreign concept to anyone who has never once set foot outside of Shakara.

Kingdom Citizen

The shop in Shakara sells accessories.

Item Price
Ignis Tertius, Vol. II 7000 gil
Glacies Tertia, Vol. II 7000 gil
Fulgur Tertius, Vol. II 7000 gil
Aegis Tertia, Vol. II 7000 gil
Firewyrm Armlet 4000 gil
Icewyrm Armlet 4000 gil
Stormwyrm Armlet 4000 gil
Ignis Codex 12000 gil
Glacies Codex 12000 gil
Fulgur Codex 12000 gil
Aegis Codex 12000 gil


l'Cie Anatidus' Crystal is earned by doing a little side quest in-town to discern who currently has it.