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Shadowland, also known as ???, is a dungeon from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates. A mysterious tomb-like place, it is believed to be a form of afterlife, and Carbuncle can be found there. It can be entered if the player finishes Kilanda Islands (either story or multiplayer).


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After the volcano on Kilanda erupts, the party wakes up in this mysterious place and speculate that they are dead. Many of the enemies in the Shadowland are invisible and nigh-invulnerable unless restorative magic (Cure, Raise, Clear) is first cast on them.

At the end of the Shadowland, they find the soul of Latov, which has become hostile, and Carbuncle, an guide in the afterlife who explains that Latov's soul is broken and possessed. The party is forced to fight so that Latov's soul can rest. When they defeat him, his red eyes turn back to their normal color. The Lich that was corrupting him emerges to try and kill the party and is defeated.

After this, Carbuncle returns the group to Rebena Te Ra. It is left ambiguous if they had truly died or not.

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Note: Items marked with a * are one-time only.

Normal Mode[]

  • Moogle Stamp (M)*
  • Cure Pocket x2*
  • Master's Weapon Recipe
  • Silver Weapon Recipe
  • Samurai Helmet Recipe
  • Floral Hair Tie Recipe
  • Blue Ritual Garb Recipe
  • Red Ritual Garb Recipe
  • Comfy Clothes Recipe
  • Vexing Card Recipe

Hard Mode[]

  • Cure Pocket x2*
  • 650 gil
  • Conqueror Weapon Scroll
  • Emerald
  • Good Luck Band Scroll
  • Hellish Ore Scroll
  • Miracle Cloth Scroll
  • Mythril Armor Scroll
  • Nymph's Allure Scroll
  • Petite Amethyst
  • Petite Citrine
  • Petite Ruby
  • Refined Crystal Scroll
  • Refined Ruby Scroll
  • Sapphire
  • Sneaky Garb Scroll
  • Sneaky Headgear Scroll
  • Spiritual Band Scroll
  • Top Mythril Hat Scroll
  • Underworld Weapon Scroll
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