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Shadow of the Empire is a story event in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, that provided further backstory for Season One's Chapter IV, which takes place in Zoldaad, and the units from irs related featured banner: Aileen, Emperor Sozhe, Heltich and Ulrica. The exclusive event rewards were the Beast Hammer, the Military Plate and the Imperial Helm.


A mysterious area where memories whirl about has opened up in the dimensional vortex.

The memories which once rested here are remnants of an incident which occured in the Zoldaad Empire.

The feelings of justice and righteousness the people born into this oppressive dictatorship secretly held withim themselves...

Experience them for yourself, and let their untold story be known.

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Shadow of the Empire is an exploration event in which players had to clear an area map in sucessive stages to obtain all the rewards, while seeing cutscenes about scenes from the past. The map was shared between all stages with the entire map being opened at the most difficult stage (ELT). Any chest opened in one stage would remain open in all following stages. Lapis could not be used to continue after a Game Over.


Stage Story Treasure chests Map
Shadow of the Empire - BGN Fairly straightforward, this stage contains two cutscene events, both related to Ulrica. Image Placeholder.png
Shadow of the Empire - INT This stage contains a cutscene event depicting the meeting between Heltich and Ulrica. Image Placeholder.png
Shadow of the Empire - ADV ? Image Placeholder.png
Shadow of the Empire - PRO The cutscene event depicts Aileen's and Dr. Lazarov's first meetings with Emperor Sozhe. Image Placeholder.png
Shadow of the Empire - ELT ? Image Placeholder.png



  • The exploration map's BGN and INT sections occur in Surging Volcano, the ADV section occurs in Zoldaad Castle, while the PRO and ELT sections occur in the Fire Shrine.