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The Shadow Raven is an organization from Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, referred to as a band of noble thieves. It originated in the mysterious man known as "the legendary Raven".

There are plenty of people all over the world of Lapis working under the name, including the rebel army from Zoldaad, but officially only the leaders of the organization, as successors of the first Raven, receive the title of "Raven". The current and third leader is Shade.


Like the founder, the organization works for the wellbeing of the people, no matter their nation. Although newcomers doubt the very existence of the first Raven, they are known for their desire to help others from the shadows and extend their hand to the weak. The organization targets those who fatten their bellies in greed and misuse their power for wrongdoings, taking their riches and giving them to the poor

Members have a Raven's crest which marks them as such. Those who wish to join are secretly tested through orders, and only those who prove themselves worthy through what they do to fulfil the order, and not with results, are accepted. Some of its members have an animal motif to their names, and have been tasked with handling the different vaults. Only through recommendation of other members (via the crow's letter) can somebody be eligible to earn those treasures, and their keys must be found or earned throughout the world.


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The first Raven became a noble thief to help those suffering and came to the need of everyone seeking help. He was like the current leader Shade, except older, according to Ferret. Per the legend, the first Raven separated and hid the means to get his treasure, which would be found by whoever found all the parts.

In the quest "The Legendary Raven", Shade asks Rain to figure out the mystery the first Raven left behind and to find out what kind of person he was. Firstly, Rain goes with Ferret, who tells Rain what she knows of the first Raven, whom she had met as a child. Then she leads Rain to her secret go-to place for information, the inn in Magi Nation Mysidia, where they ask the Innkeeper and the Frog Expert about the black rod. They realize it looks similar to an object a man called Pavlo had with him. Pavlo, who has made a fortune for himself by hosting a black market that sells stolen goods, turns out to have hired some mages to burn the Magic Library so that he can build his castle there. Ferret decides to make the scoundrel pay and get back all the stolen goods, and obtain the part from him. Rain and Ferret defeat the mages, and Pavlo agrees to Ferret's demands.

After the goods are returned and Pavlo is reformed, Ferret gives the part to Rain and fits perfectly with the small rod he received from Shade. Ferret also adds that Pavlo said there was a person in Zoldaad who has a part similar to the one he had. So Rain goes to see Swan, who after hearing the news from Shade and Ferret has already found the merchant with the item. The man, Robinson, and gained influence during the reign of the late Emperor Sozhe and is planning to monopolize basic commodities and increase their price, despite Shera's efforts.

Rain and Swan head out to Timber Tracks where Robinson will buy out the train. They confront him and his ambitions of becoming emperor as Swan shows documents she stole from his mansion and threatens to give them to Emperor Shera. He unwillingly accepts to do as they say. After cleaning up, Rain meets Swan at the vault who gives him another part they found at Robinson's mansion. She then redirects Rain to Boar, who has just found someone in Dirnado has another part. It turns out the man who messed with Boar has it, and so Boar decides to find him and Rain accompanies him. Boar gets his payback on the man for breaking the first Raven's jewel, and manages to return half of the goods stolen by his band, the other half missing due to thieves from Lanzelt. He was able to retrieve the mysterious part, though, which he gives to Rain.

After deciding to find those thieves from Lanzelt, Rain meets with Donkey, who tells Rain that the thieves are headquartered at Wolfsfang Peak. Donkey says his former partner, Lynx, may know the location and so they convince him to guide them to the hidden room. After defeating the monster dwelling inside, Donkey takes care of returning the stolen goods and gives the part he found to the second Raven. Rain visits the second Raven at the orphanage in Grandshelt, who gives him the last piece and tells him the tip ("The center of Grandshelt.") that the first Raven had told him long ago.

Rain finds the Raven's treasure—the Great Raven's Cape—at the statue in Royal Capital Grandshelt's plaza and presents it to Shade at the vault in Gaberada. Shade is very much impressed, and gives Rain a Raven's crest and the cloak. Inspired, Shade closes the vault (now empty) and goes out into the world in an adventure, hoping to find new treasures and do something like the first Raven.

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The Shadow Raven organization is integral to the Raven sidequest, which involves finding vault keys throughout towns and explorations, and completing sub quests in order to obtain the keys as rewards. The side story finally ends with the sub quest "The Legendary Raven" in which the player is to discover the long-lost treasure of the first Raven.


A shadow is an area where direct light from a light source cannot reach due to obstruction by an object. It occupies all of the space behind an opaque object with light in front of it.