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Come forth, my creature of shadow!

Golbez summoning the Shadow Dragon

The Shadow Dragon, also called Shadow, is an enemy in Final Fantasy IV that is summoned by Golbez. After locating the underworld Crystals in the Dwarven Castle, and defeating the Calcabrina, Cecil and his party are interrupted by Golbez and forced to battle him. Golbez immediately paralyzes the party and calls forth the Shadow Dragon. All members of the party are defeated by the Shadow Dragon's Black Fang attack, except for Cecil. A now adult Rydia arrives and summons the Mist Dragon. Rydia's Eidolon defeats the Shadow Dragon, and Cecil and his friends can deal with Golbez. Golbez still manages to escape with the Dwarves' Crystal.

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Final Fantasy XI Edit

Shadow Dragon is a normal monster in the Xarcabard area, although only one exists at any given time and takes longer to reappear than other monsters. It is a "placeholder" for a more powerful dragon, Biast, which has a chance to appear after the Shadow Dragon is defeated.

Dissidia Final Fantasy/Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy Edit

Creature of shadow!


When entering his EX Mode, Golbez summons and fuses with the Shadow Dragon; its face can been seen on the left shoulder pad of Golbez and its tail can been seen on his right shoulder. It can use its signature Black Fang attack, and it performs Binding Cold as part of his EX Burst.

In Dissidia 012, Golbez's new attire has him without armor, so the Shadow Dragon is completely fused with his skin like a tattoo, head and tail included.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Edit

DFF2015 Golbez Presentation Screenshot

Shadow Dragon with Golbez.

The Shadow Dragon is Golbez's primary weapon, casting various elemental spells similar to its original depiction in Final Fantasy IV. Variations can be purchased in the Shop to change the color of its scales. If Golbez sustains enough HP damage, the Shadow Dragon will be destroyed, forcing Golbez to cast spells on his own. This also changes his Twin Meteor attack to summon only one meteor and his EX Skill to Shadow Dragon, which will restore it upon use.

Pictlogica Final Fantasy Edit

PFF Shadow Dragon FFIV
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Final Fantasy Record Keeper Edit

FFRK Shadow Dragon FFIV
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Lord of Vermilion II Edit

In a special cross promotion, Golbez's Shadow Dragon appears as a card along with other characters from Final Fantasy IV.

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A dragon is a legendary creature, typically with serpentine or reptilian traits, that features in the myths of many cultures.

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Final Fantasy IV: The After Years Edit

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