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Beyond harmony and discord, ten warriors gather. The final fantasy is written here.


Shade Impulse is a story mode playable in Dissidia Final Fantasy. It follows from and is more difficult than the original Story mode.


Shade Impulse has four chapters in which all the characters must get to and defeat their storyline bosses again before facing off against Chaos. The levels of Shade Impulse mix all the differences of the Destiny Odyssey levels, for example the hidden enemies and items marked with "?". In some stages of Shade Impulse there will be a Stigma of Chaos and a Chaos Piece. In these cases defeating the Chaos Pieces will not end the stage, and is often optional to even engage, but if challenged with the corresponding hero it will lead to cutscenes and a small plot event, as well as two Destiny Points. Destroying the Stigma of Chaos moves the main story on and leads to the next stage of the corresponding chapter.

Shade Impulse also introduces new alternate "Omega" stages. These alternate versions have special periodic effects that affect each player's Bravery points, whether omnipresently or from coming in contact with certain area elements. After defeating an enemy in each said level, the level will become available to buy from the PP shop.

The gap between the difficulty levels of Shade Impulse and the Destiny Odyssey chapters is very great, so the transition between the two modes should be prepared for. It may be wise to additionally level up any characters before attempting Shade Impulse, or else they may easily be run over.


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Shade Impulse opens with the heroes gathering together, each holding his or her own respective crystals, ready to end the war between Chaos and Cosmos. But upon joining together, Chaos appears. He incinerates Cosmos, and disappears triumphant. The heroes, with Cosmos gone, begin to fade away. Exdeath and Kefka appear to despair the heroes in their final moments.

But the crystals kept the warriors of light alive, and they set out with a new resolve: to defeat Chaos. Making their way across the failing world, the heroes encounter and defeat Kefka and Jecht once again, before encountering Exdeath at the Rift. After learning the truth of the Crystals from him, that they are fragments of Cosmos's power and that collecting them doomed the goddess, the warriors strike him down and continue on their journey.

Defeating Kuja, the Cloud of Darkness, Golbez, the Emperor, Ultimecia, and Sephiroth in quick succession, the Warriors of Cosmos near the end of their travels, but are faced with Garland once more. Again, they fight and defeat him, but as he begins to fade away, Garland reveals to them Chaos's true motivations; the destruction of everything, including himself. With only limited time remaining until they too fade away, the warriors finally face Chaos upon his throne and defeat him, bringing an end to the conflict at last.

As everything begins to return to how it was meant to be, the warriors find themselves outside Cornelia. The other Warriors of Cosmos fade back to their own worlds, as the Warrior of Light begins to stride toward the city, crystal in hand.

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