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Shade is a non-player character from Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. He is the current leader of an organization of noble thieves, Shadow Raven. He is also the keeper of the vault located at Underworld Gaberada. A young man who doesn't like to get involved in petty matters, he is a wanderer but knows talent when he sees it.


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As a little kid, the thieves Donkey and Lynx taught him the trade, and Shade eventually paid them back for what they taught him. He also joined the Shadow Raven organization; he sought to become a leader after reading a storybook on the first Raven.

When he became the third Raven, the second Raven gave him a mysterious object—a small, hollow, black rod with some holes and crevices—that he himself had received from the first Raven. It allegedly could lead to the treasure the first Raven had left. However, Shade could not figure out what the piece really did.

Rain meets Shade as the vault keeper from Underworld Gaberada and accepts Rain's Black Keys after receiving Ferret's letter. After Rain obtains Black Key #?, Shade realizes that Rain is better that he ever gave him credit for and understands better why Ferret gave him the letter.

After Rain saves his comrades who were wandering around the Crystal Tower, Shade reads the report. When Rain goes back to the vault, Shade confirms himself to be the leader of Raven and explains why he tried to cover his identity to test Rain out with the samurai, the thief, and the man with the key. He apologizes and says he was looking for the right person, one who would extend their hand out to the weak. Like his comrades, Shade accepts Rain as someone to be trusted and formally introduces himself then.

After setting in place some preparations, Shade requests Rain's help in figuring out the mystery the first Raven left behind and to find out what kind of person the first Raven was. After Shades entrusts Rain with the black rod, Rain manages to obtain the other missing pieces with the help of Ferret, Swan, Boar and Donkey, and meets with the second Raven. He finds the Raven's treasure at the statue in the plaza of Royal Capital Grandshelt. Rain presents the Raven's cloak to Shade, who is very impressed and gives Rain the Raven's crest, which marks him as a member of Raven, though not to force him to join but as a proof that he accepts and recognizes what he's done for them. He also gives Rain the Raven's cloak.

Satisfied, Shade decides to go out into the world again and goes on an adventure. Shade leaves a letter for Rain to read, that says the vault is closed and that he has gone out in search of new treasures. If he finds anything interesting, he is going to stow it away in a chest and hide it, just like the first Raven, saying he is interested to see how well he can hide his own tracks. He looks forward to seeing Rain once the vault is back in business.

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Shade is the vault keeper in Underworld Gaberada, but won't accept Black Keys until after the player completes some sub quests, turns in specific Aurora Keys and delivers Ferret's crow's letter.

Shade is the also client of the sub quest "The Legendary Raven", which is divided into several smaller quests. It has seven objectives: resolve Ferret's request ("Pavlo's Punishment"), resolve Swan's request ("The Merchant's Ambition"), resolve Boar's request ("What Makes a Hog"), resolve Donkey's request ("Adventure with an Old Friend"), listen to the second generation Raven, obtain the Raven's treasure, and report to Shade. The reward is 20 Star Quartz and the accessories Mark of the Raven and Great Raven's Cape.


In literature and poetry, a shade can be taken to mean the spirit or ghost of a dead person, residing in the underworld.