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Sezul Totoloc is a non-player character from Final Fantasy XIV. A visionary among Ixal, he dreams of constructing a new hybrid airship, the Dezul Qualan, combining modern magitek with traditional Ixali ballooncraft.

Appearance and Personality[edit | edit source]

Sezul Totoloc is an Ixal with bluish-green skin. He is largely distinguished by a brass-colored metal helmet with two wing like protrusions and goggles placed over his eyes.

Story[edit | edit source]

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn[edit | edit source]

Sezul Totoloc leads an Ixal camp called the Ehactl Nine within a secluded crevice in North Shroud. Viewing the worship of Garuda to be dangerous folly, Sezul wishes to pursue dreams of flight and returning to the fabled land of "Ayatlan" through craftsmanship rather than groveling to the Lady of Vortexes. To achieve the unprecedented aeronautics required, he wishes to combine Ixali balloon technology with the Garlean-based magitek using ceruleum fuel. This endeavor requires working with the five races, and is willing to work with adventurers and certain local contacts. His passion for the Dezul Qualan, named after his late mentor, sways a young airship enthusiast and Highwind Skyways heir Tatamaru into joining the Ehcatl Nine as chief engineer, who becomes an vital ally in achieving their goal.

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The plans of the Ehcatl Nine are nearly grounded when hairman Tatabaru of Highwind Skyways arrives with hired sellswords to forcefully retrieve his son from the camp. Only by helping Tatamaru slip free from his father and return to the Ehcatl Nine can they resume construction on the hybrid airship. Unfortunately, the pressure increases once the chieftain of the Ixal Logging Grounds discovers the location of the Ehcatl Nine, leading to dangerous attention from the devout in Natalan.

The Dezul Qualan and Ehcatl Nine camp are nearly hit by a retaliatory airstrike from Natalan as the final preparations are complete. Despite the best efforts to keep them grounded, one balloon manages to take flight, and only due to Tatabaru's change of heart and intervention is the camp saved from bombardment. The chairman apologizes to both Sezul Totoloc and Tatamaru for his prior actions, acknowledging that Highwind Skyways would never been founded were it not for the friendship between his father Tatanora and Dezul Qualan decades ago.

With everything ready, Tatamaru pilots the Dezul Qualan in its maiden voyage. Despite some complications due to unfortunate turbulence over the Black Shroud, the first test flight is a success, with a new altitude record being achieved.

Sezul Totoloc later reappears in the Beastman Alliance quests. Joining with Hamujj Gah, Clutchfather Novv, Elder Frixio, and 789th Order Pickman Gi Gu, they confront the rogue sellsword Nhaza'a Jaab in the Invisible City. During the confrontation, Sezul hands Novv an Ixali sword after his spear is deflected into an abyss.

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