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Seymour is a boss in Final Fantasy X-2. He can be fought in the Fiend Arena in the International and HD Remaster versions. If he is released from the Gullwings, he can be recruited again the same way he was first recruited.

Stats Edit

Battle Edit

Seymour can cast powerful spells that could easily kill characters with low health, such as Black Sky and Meteor, sometimes in rapid succession. He begins by casting Shell and Protect on himself. He constantly changes his tactics, sometimes switching to status attacks like Break or Slow, to rapidly dispelling characters, and even switching to a swift, albeit weak, chain of physical attacks. Seymour absorbs all elements except for Holy, which he is weak to. As he has Spellspring, draining him of his MP does not affect his ability to cast magic.

Strategy Edit

Having high Magic Defense and anti-ailment equipment or abilities is recommended to protect against Seymour's powerful attacks. Auto-Haste is also recommended to avoid being slowed down. As Seymour's Defense stat is somewhat low compared to other enemies found in the Farplane Cup, using powerful physical attacks, such as Fireworks and Gippal's Grinder, will defeat Seymour quickly.

Seymour is not immune to stat reduction, so hitting him with stat-reducing abilities (e.g. Quartet Knife from Paine's Mascot Cutlery moveset or a recruited Mega Tonberry) is recommended but not necessary at high levels. Crackdown and Dispel are also ideal to remove Protect and Shell from Seymour. He can be hit with Darkness to make his physical attacks miss, but it's very unlikely the ailment itself will actually work on him.

Creature CreatorEdit

After Seymour has been defeated in the Fiend Arena and the player wins the Farplane Cup, they are given the option to recruit Seymour. He can learn his Overdrive, Requiem (uses 60 MP), as an ability by being hit by a strong magic-based attack such as Ultima or by being ejected from battle by Auron.

Quotes Edit

Accept your fate.


Death awaits you!


Die a gracious death!


Let death carry you off into peaceful slumber.

Occasionally said at the end of a battle

Do you not want to heal Spira's sorrow?

Occasionally said at the start of a battle

So, you too seek freedom from this painful life?

Occasionally said at the start of a battle

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