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Are you crazy? That place is death central. And it smells bad too.


The Sewers are a dungeon in Final Fantasy III, located in the town of Amur. Delilah, a hermit, resides inside this monster den.


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The party enters the sewers in search of the Levigrass Shoes held by Delilah, an old woman living in the Sewers. Near the end of the Sewers they find the Fellows in an hassle, attacked by four Gigantoads.

After saving them, the four Old Men accept that the Warriors truly are the real Warriors of the Light. Further ahead, the party is attacked by Delilah, who refuses to give them the Levigrass Shoes. She is stopped by the four Old Men, who defend the Warriors and bring the woman to reason. After this, the party is able to enter Goldor Manor.

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Item Location
Cat Claws B2
Diamond Bell Hidden Room to the Right on B4.
Hammer Hidden Room to the Right on B4.
Kaiser Knuckles Hidden Room to the Left on B4.
Power Bracers Hidden Room to the Left on B4.
Poison Dagger Hidden Room to the Left on B4.
Levigrass Shoes Given to by Delilah.


Battle background[]

Amur Sewers.PNG

Musical themes[]

The background music that plays at the Sewers is the "Dungeons" theme.