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Sevestre Albright is a character from Final Fantasy XIV and the main antagonist in the Astrologian questline. Sevestre is a powerful member of the Forum hailing from Sharlayan, traveling to Eorzea to return Leveva home.


Early life[]

Sevestre attended the stadium as an older classmate of Rufins, with a goal to make a name for himself as a politician. After hearing of Rufins desire to disseminate Sharlayan Astrology to the land of Eorzea, he warned him not to. His warnings fell on deaf ears, and he placed a bounty on his classmate's head in secret. Rufin was assassinated late one night following his journey to Ishgard. Sevestre used Rufins death as a rallying cry for Sharlayan to restrict their borders and shut themselves off to the rest of the world. Sevestre became a member of the Forum and leaned towards the Bibliothec political faction.

Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward[]

After learning of Leveva and her grandfather's illegal departure to Eorzea, the Forum spread rumors of pirate sightings near the Rhotano Sea and magically manipulated storms to make the journey more dangerous to detour their ship and dissuade them from making landfall in Eorzea. Their actions failed, and as a change of plans, they hired local mercenaries to bring the pair home. After Mace returned home, he was detained by Sevestre and the Forum by accounts of treason. He sent numerous mercenaries after Leveva, but after the death of the Sharlayan assassin Celie, Sevestre traveled to Eorzea personally.

He arrived in Coerthas Western Highlands where he picked up Rufins' journal from an exhausted Leveva. She surmised he was the one behind everything, to which Sevestre acquiesced. He belittled Celie's approach at taking Leveva home and noted her stubbornness had caused her to be a wanted criminal and she could have returned peacefully. After again denying him, Sevestre revealed that her grandfather was imprisoned within the Dark Cells, a dark isolated prison where he awaited trial. He gaves her an ultimatum of meeting him in the Dravanian Hinterlands alone where she could be taken home and tried fairly for her crimes. If she refused, her grandfather and adoptive mother would suffer the consequences in her stead. Sevestre took his leave, with her father's journal in hand.

Sevestre met Leveva and her entourage in the ruins of the former Sharlayan colony. He stated that he was no longer willing to take her alive as they knew too much about the journal and had to be silenced, forcing Leveva and the others to stand their ground. After a long fight and Sevestre having the power to stop time, he still failed and used her grandfather's life as a wager to keep his own. Leveva had no wish to kill him and only requested he return her father's journal, release her grandfather, and return to Sharlayan telling the Forum that she was presumed dead and blackmailed him for having her father killed if he failed to do these things. He posited Eorzeans did not know how to deal with knowledge and would use it to destroy each other, yet he still honored her wishes and handed her the journal. He warned her that her actions would not go unnoticed by the Forum and that they would send others after her, before leaving.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker[]

Sevestre did not directly speak with the Warrior of Light during their stay in Old Sharlayan, but he appeared within the Forum's assembly both when the Students of Baldesion were called upon to explain their activities, and also when the Forum discussed allowing the Scions of the Seventh Dawn to work on the Ragnarok airship. Both times, Sevestre voted against the Warrior of Light.

When the Warrior of Light delivered a book on Ishgardian astrology written by Jannequinard de Durendaire to Sevestre's manor,[2] the servant who accepted the delivery on his behalf questioned why he would have any interest in 'outdated Ishgardian astrology'.



Sevestre's profile

Sevestre is a Midlander Hyur with white hair and green eyes who wears the Welkin's attire dyed snow white and wields the astrometer Lewphon's eye in battle. When seen in Sharlayan he wears a long decorated glam that other members wear without the cap and veil, and still sports his valerian shaman's temple chain.


As a member of the conservative faction known as the Bibliothecs within the Forum, Sevestre believes that Sharlayans should observe and record history without intervening and that knowledge with the potential to change history should remain in Sharlayan hands. Sevestre is sly and manipulative, using a former classmate’s death he had a part in to further his political agenda. Because of the actions of the Scions of the Seventh Dawn and the Circle of Knowing, Sevestre has a distaste for the two organizations.