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Class Zero's 'big sis,' she is much more nurturing than her cold appearance lets on. With her versatile whipblade, she can ensnare her enemies, then lash and flay to keep other foes at bay.

Booklet description[1]

Seven is a playable character in Final Fantasy Type-0, who also appears in Final Fantasy Agito and Final Fantasy Awakening. She represents the number 7 of Class Zero and wields a whipblade. Seven may appear closed off, but she is deeply emphatic, allowing her to know what others are feeling and possibly hiding. Her playstyle is unique, as though she is a melee character she attacks while stationary and can have great range the longer combos the player builds with her. Seven is the oldest member of Class Zero, discounting Machina Kunagiri and Rem Tokimiya, whose birthdays are unknown. Younger students look up to her as a reliable big sister type presence.



No.07 Seven.

Seven has silver hair and violet eyes. She resembles Lightning from the Lightning Saga. As a member of Class Zero she wears a uniform consisting of a black jacket with extended gold shoulder pads and a red lapel, a red skirt and black bicycle shorts. Like Sice, she wears black leather knee-high boots instead of shoes, though hers are flat-heeled. Seven is the only Class Zero member who does not wear a red mantle,[note 1] most likely due to her fighting style; however, her lapel is the same color as her classmates' mantles, and is likely intended to serve in lieu.

Her summer uniform has a black pleated skirt with loose belts hanging over it, gray shorts, a black vest with red lapels, a black bow-tie and black evening-gloves. Her dress uniform has a black skirt trimmed with white lace, black shorts, different boots with silver decoration at the top, a red jacket with black-padded shoulders and cuffs, and white gloves. Seven's l'Cie brand, should she ever become one, would be located on her left shoulder.

In Final Fantasy Awakening, Seven's hair is silvery white.


Despite her cold appearance, Seven is actually quite nurturing. She enjoys the admiration of her female underclassmen, many of whom often refer to her as "Big Sis." Seven has a hard time saying "no" when asked for favors, though, and this selfsame generosity puts more work on her plate than anticipated. Nevertheless, her reliable nature and tendency toward action are precisely why so many cadets look up to her.

Although silent and seemingly cold, Seven is caring and thus popular with the female underclassmen. Because she is trusted to do things reliably, they come to her with their requests and she has a hard time saying no to them. Seven is keen on others' emotions, noticing that something is bothering Machina before her classmates do, and being aware of Rem's illness, not speaking up out of respect for Rem's wish to conceal her condition. According to the Type-0 novel, Seven wants to build an orphanage for children who lost their parents in the war, just like how Arecia takes care of her and the others.


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Final Fantasy Agito[]

Seven's icon.

Seven is a member of Class Seventh and dons a pink mantle.

She can be found in the Refresh Room during the morning, afternoon and evening.

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Final Fantasy Type-0[]

If you're going to die, do it on your own.

Seven to Yuzuki[2]

Sorcery Division took Seven into their custody in 833, and quickly discovered she possessed a propensity for Ice Magic. Archsorceress Arecia Al-Rashia adopted Seven who joined Class Zero, a group of students from Akademeia, the magic academy of the nation of Rubrum that fights the invasion by the Militesi Empire. As part of the resistance operation "Operation Apostle", Seven and her comrades seek to become the Agito, a messiah prophesied in ancient mythology to appear at the time of Tempus Finis, an apocalyptic calamity.

Seven, Ace and Jack summon Odin.

During the invasion of Rubrum, Seven teams up with Ace and Jack to help Machina and Rem, two fellow Agito Cadets who were being overpowered by the White Tiger Secundus l'Cie Qun'mi in Akademeia's Arena. She aids in summoning the Eidolon Odin to vanquish Qun'mi and her Dáinsleif. Impressed by the cadets' prowess, Central Command has them officially enrolled and sent out to missions to reclaim the lost territories.

Seven hangs out with Rem and and Deuce at the terrace when Machina joins them. He comments it being odd he's always running into her, but Seven retorts it's normal as they are in the same class. Seven learns Machina and Rem are childhood friends, and comments how much closer the two are than the others, as she never really considered her classmates her friends, but more like her siblings. When the class gathers in the classroom for their first mission briefing, Seven remarks the empire's crystal jammer opened her eyes on how dependent the dominion is on the Vermilion Bird Crystal and ponders if they should strive to be more independent. She later applies the same philosophy to her classmates, saying they shouldn't always rely on Arecia's expertise to save them.

King and Seven run into Mutsuki.

When Seven and King run into Mutsuki Chiharano at the Armory, they are taken aback when she accuses them of bullying, offending Seven who says they did nothing of the sort. As Mutsuki departs Seven and King are left puzzled by her paranoia.

When the cadets are sent to sabotage the imperial magitek armor program they get orders to cease fire due to a newly wrought armistice mid-mission. Kurasame Susaya, the cadets' commanding officer, travels to the imperial capital as Chancellor Khalia Chival VI's aide and negotiates for the cadets' safety, and afterward explains the situation to them: the empire had proposed peace before the cadets' mission was underway, but they could not contact them in time to halt it. The cadets disagree with the treaty, positing that the empire has no right to ask for peace for being the initial aggressor, and Seven questions Kurasame on his role in the events. They meet Queen Andoria of the Kingdom of Concordia who explains that peace is the Will of the Crystals, and that the cadets' opposition would only lead to Tempus Finis. Yet, the cadets struggle accepting that what they have been fighting for is against the Crystal's will.

Seven talks to Cater about the latter's déjà vu.

Seven notices something is bothering Machina and speculates it to be their hectic mission schedule. While the cadets spend time in the Militesi capital of Ingram she notices him looking odd and asks what's wrong. Machina tells her it's none of her business. Seven talks with Cater about the latter's eerie sense of déjà vu, suggesting she is familiar with Ingram due to having seen pictures of it in the Akademeia library.

Queen Andoria is assassinated and Class Zero is blamed for it. The cadets are ambushed at Hotel Armada and make a hasty escape from the city, realizing they cannot contact Central Command, raising the possibility they have been abandoned to fend for themselves. They face off against Celestia, Queen Andoria's ambassador, who, at first, holds them culpable for the regicide, but is convinced otherwise and helps the cadets escape the city to a deserted house in the Old Lorica Region. After an argument over Machina holding the rest of Class Zero culpable for his brother Izana's death, he marches off.

The cadets stay put overnight, and Seven and Nine take over the watch duty. Seven speculates Machina had learned of his brother's death from the commandant whom she had seen him meet back in Ingram. She worries Machina may be ambushed while alone in the woods, and hopes for his return. Machina does so in the morning, and the cadets can move on as Deuce exclaims the COMM is working again and she has reached the dominion.

Kurasame organizes for the cadets to be rescued by airship and back in Akademeia tells them there will likely be an investigation, and implies the cadets switched off their COMM to avoid being contacted. The cadets find the accusations ridiculous, but soon hear wild rumors circulating on their supposed involvement in the assassination. Seven ponders that as much as the citizens supposedly now hate them, they are still eager to ask for help, and she can't refuse someone in need. She is determined to earn back the respect they had lost and to defend Mother's honor by succeeding in the next operation.

After the cadets return from a mission to reclaim Eibon, they assemble in the classroom to hear their next orders from Kurasame, but Machina has gone missing. Kurasame explains to the rest the upcoming battle plan against the joint Militesi-Concordian forces, as the new King of Concordia has allied with Cid Aulstyne of the Militesi Empire. Class Zero is to be sent with the Vermilion Bird Primus l'Cie Lord Zhuyu to fight off the Concordian dragons with an airship fleet, while Kurasame will accompany the rest of Rubrum's legionaries, as well as Akademeia cadets and trainees, to the Militesi border for the Vermilion Bird Secundus l'Cie Lady Caetuna to summon a Verboten Eidolon. Seven laments many trainees have asked for her help as they are to be sent to the front lines for the first time. Feeling culpable for the trainees' marching orders, Seven thinks the least she can do is ensure they come back alive.

The cadets help Rubrum secure victory on the eastern front by defeating Shinryu Celestia. The western front is falling back and thus Class Zero is recalled as reinforcements to destroy the empire's crystal jammer allowing for Lady Caetuna to begin summoning Alexander for which Kurasame and the other cadets give their lives to complete the summoning. As the class is retreating they run into Gilgamesh and are forced into a battle. Cater becomes frustrated as Gilgamesh departs, but Seven urges everyone to hurry onwards. Alexander obliterates the Militesi forces, and Caetuna enters crystal stasis.

Class Zero visits the numerous new graves in the Akademeia cemetery but cannot comprehend the losses as the Crystals have erased all memories of Kurasame as well as the others perished from them. Seven remarks that even if the deaths cannot sink in the memories of those who have passed live on deep inside them.

When Seven and Cinque ponder how they can blow up a building without hurting those around it, Seven takes King to go see Mutsuki who is an expert in explosives. Mutsuki asks to see the building's blue prints and adjusts the explosives accordingly. Seven and King thank her, and, seeing their sincerity, Mutsuki promises to help if Class Zero ever needs her.

Rubrum conquers Concordia and before the class heads off to the final battle against the empire, Seven rationalizes that even if they win victory won't immediately restore peace to Orience, and that healing the scars of war will take a long time. As the final showdown against the empire and Cid Aulstyne begins, the class is sent to help conquer the imperial capital. As Class Zero is to be deployed Machina disappears. The others go without him and best the Militesi General Qator Bashtar in his new and improved magitek armor. The empire falls and Orience is united under the Vermilion Bird banner. However, as the cadets return to Akademeia they find its cadets and legionaries slain by the Rursan Reavers and the dominion commanders gone: Tempus Finis has begun.

Seven unhappy to learn they are made scapegoats to Tempus Finis.

Other cadets reveal the once code crimson missions, which Class Zero partook, making the remaining cadets turn against them, blaming them for the ensuing apocalypse. Seven feels this is unfair, seeing they had only been following orders from Arecia and the dominion. Rem's illness reaches its final stages and she collapses, Seven saying Rem had been ill for a long time but always lied about it. Machina is missing, but Seven comments he must be alive somewhere as she can still remember him. Arecia explains the cadets have lived their lives according to the Will of Crystals recorded in the Akashic Records, but now that the "souls have been released" they can write their own ending, as humans have the power to decide how they live or die, hinting at a vital decision the cadets would soon need to make. Seven laments the people of Orience must be crying out for a savior and can't see who else it could be but Class Zero.

Queen calls everyone to the Altocrystarium room where she tells them about the Judge who resides in the newly appeared sanctuary, Pandæmonium, to make the Final Decision: if there is no Agito, the Rursus will destroy Orience. The cadets plan to infiltrate the sanctuary to speak to the Judge while knowing that without Arecia they will not be revived if they fall in battle. Seven says that though she was aware Rem was ill she knew she didn't want anyone to worry, and thus played ignorant, yet wishes there was something else she could have done for her.

Celestia takes the cadets to Pandæmonium and loses her humanity and turns into Shinryu Celestia for having defied the Focus given to her by the Azure Dragon Crystal. The cadets head to the top of the temple guided by Cid's voice, who had entered Pandæmonium ahead of them. The Vermilion Bird Crystal asks them to become l'Cie, but if they accept the cadets the Rursus kill them, Arecia deems it yet another failed experiment, and Orience and, eventually, Class Zero are reborn in wait for another Tempus Finis. If they choose to remain mortal, the Vermilion Bird brands Rem, still slumped in Arecia's office back in Akademeia, in their stead, and sends her to intercept a White Tiger l'Cie it had sensed in Pandæmonium, wanting one of the Vermilion Bird to become Agito. As Rem engages the l'Cie she is impaled by his rapier, and it turns out the l'Cie was Machina who had willingly inherited Qun'mi's Focus to become strong enough to protect Rem. As Rem dies, both enter crystal stasis, the cadets mourning the sight when they happen upon their crystal.

Seven during the ending.

The cadets face off against Cid who has become the Rursan Arbiter, possessed by the fal'Cie Gala. He deems Class Zero unfit to be Agito, and thus sets out to destroy Orience. Machina and Rem's crystal bestows the cadets with power, allowing them to prevail, but like the rest of Class Zero, Seven meets her end after they vanquish the Judge. Before passing they talk about all the things they would have done in a war-free Orience.

The mysterious Tiz and Joker, who had been observing the class's progress, ask for Arecia to listen to the class's wishes from beyond the grave. By listening to their souls Arecia learns the class loves her, but have made their own decision on how they met their end and do not wish to be revived. Arecia releases Machina and Rem from crystal stasis and instead of restarting the spiral, departs from Orience, abandoning the experiment to find Etro's gate with the Agito. The Crystals of Orience fade and people are allowed to remember the dead, Machina and Rem holding dear the memories of Class Zero.

A flattered Seven considers the relationship.

In the alternate ending where Arecia removed the Crystals from Orience's history, Seven lives her life peacefully with the rest of Class Zero. When Sice attempts to give Kurasame a love confession letter, Seven receives it instead by accident and feels flattered while considering a relationship with a flustered Sice.

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Final Fantasy Type-0[]

Seven using Snakebite.

Seven wields a whipblade in battle that is able to extend and contract, damaging enemies at both close and long range. Her fighting style is fluid and graceful, allowing her attacks to cover a wide area while involving many acrobatic moves that make her easy to use.

Seven is static when attacking since her whipblade covers a wide range. Her attack action time gets longer the more combos she chains, but her attacks are fast and cover a wide area. They easily stagger enemies making an opening for other characters to attack as well. Her Foreflay attack (analog up) have more hits and longer range but are narrower, while her Whirlwhip attack (analog down) has fewer hits and slightly shorter attack radius, but hits enemies around her. Her attacks get faster the longer she chains them. Her forward attack deals less damage, but her attacks usually deal critical damage, especially during the forward attack. Seven can easily shift between forward and wide attack from basic attacks.

Final Fantasy Awakening[]

Seven retains attacking at close range, but is slower once she whiplashes her opponent. She can deal multiple whiplashes to damage the enemy. Her strongest skill is to summon a lightning golem from her whipblade to heavily damage her opponents. Once the skill wears off, it can damage all enemies. She is considered a weak character and is easily defeated when her enemies are too strong for her. Seven is stronger as a boss, and is difficult to defeat. She can deal heavy damage towards her opponent from her special attacks as well as her strongest skill. Her strongest skill also deals more damage once it wears off as all the players' allies are quickly defeated. This also happens in Nightmare dungeons when she is fought in a one-on-one battle, which also proves to be extremely difficult.

Other appearances[]

Seven has appeared in the following games throughout the Final Fantasy series:

Behind the scenes[]

Seven with a red cape from pre-release material.

According to Sayoko Hoshino, texture designer for Final Fantasy Type-0, Seven's underwear is her favorite design of the game's characters. Seven wears shorts under her skirt.[3] Early in the game's development, Seven wore a red mantle like the other members FFAgitoXIIICharacters of Class Zero.

Seven wasn't among the popular playable characters for the PlayStation Portable version of Final Fantasy Type-0, but as with all playable characters, her battle prowess was enhanced for the HD remake, making her swifter. The tweaks made have boosted Seven's popularity among Square Enix play testers compared to the original version.[4]


Seven is voiced by Mayuko Aoki in the Japanese version. She shares her Japanese voice actress with Yuna from Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2, Shotgun (Female) from Last Order -Final Fantasy VII-, and Selphie Tilmitt in the Kingdom Hearts series.

She is voiced by Njarra Townsend in the English version.


Final Fantasy Type-0
Final Fantasy Agito


  1. Although Seven is the only member to not wear her mantle for her regular and formal uniforms, Cater, Cinque, and Eight also do not wear their mantles for their summer uniforms.


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