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Seto is a character from Final Fantasy VII, and Red XIII's father. He is one of the last of the wolf-lion creatures, a sentient race that is never named. He has never been depicted as he was in life, but appears to have the same tattoo as Red XIII on his front leg.


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Red XIII had always thought of his father as a traitor and a coward, as he ran away from his son and mate during the Gi tribe's war against Cosmo Canyon.

Bugenhagen decides to show Red XIII the truth after he learns of these feelings. He leads Red XIII into the cave and reveals Seto was not fleeing, but was rushing to defend the cave's entrance. He was pierced by the Gi's poisoned arrows, but continued to defend the cave. After seeing his father's petrified body, still guarding the entrance to the cave, Red XIII acknowledges his father's courage for facing the Gi tribe alone. As Red XIII howls in honor of his father, tears fall from the stone Seto's eyes. Inspired by his father's courage, Red XIII joins the player party permanently.

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Musical themes[]

"The Great Warrior" (偉大なる戦士, Idai naru Senshi?) plays during scenes where Red XIII discovers the truth about Seto.



Set or Seth is a god of the desert, storms, disorder, violence and foreigners in ancient Egyptian religion. Set is usually depicted as a beast resembling no known creature, usually referred to as a Set animal.